in love on the beach {Galveston travel photographer}

What’s the recipe for your happiness? Do you know it? Are you living it every day or at least as often as possible? If not, giiiiirrrrrl, life is too short. Get on it.

The recipe for my happiness:

  1. Get me on the beach
  2. Make it sunset
  3. Show me a woman in love

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman happy in love.a woman in love on the beach

I get asked all the time about why I book so many travel gigs (because it is tricky with two small kids). I’ll tell you. There was one holiday season when I had at least 10 sessions in a row where somebody cried. The baby, the toddler, the mom, the dog…. I walked away from a particularly stressful session (I really, really try to make them as low-stress as possible) super bummed. I’m an educator and lover of all things–how am I in a job that’s causing stress instead of joy? How am I in a job that might make kids cry? The next day, I was on the beach. I was walking, and I thought: this is where I want to be. This is my happy place. How can I combine these two things?

And that’s how a “fancy travel photographer” was born. galveston beach couple in love in front of pleasure pier

Really. Who can be stressed under a pier having a little moment with your gorgeous woman??galveston beach couple in love under the pier

And sheesh. If there’s anything that can lower my blood pressure, it’s all of this beauty. Warm, windy, salty air and a sunset=happy place. galveston beach photographer

The next best part is the story. As we’re walking and talking, I love to find out a couple’s story. Also, the more you can tell me before the session, the better. These cuties wanted more of a candid/less posey-posed session, so I brought a longer lens to make it feel less intrusive.

pleasure pier couple in love on jettyhand in hand galveston beach sunsetThis particular shot was an inside joke and recreation of a photo they already have. You know I love that!galveston meets american gothic

galveston beach couple in love

Want to know how to style a beach shoot? This, right here:how to style your couples beach shoot

My lovely peeps, I had a blast with you and your sweet pup. Thank you for trusting me to catch these moments that will last forever. hand in hand galveston beach with fur baby

Fellow beach lovers, I have four spots available in Galveston through the end of the year. Let’s chat. xoxo

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or

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