Shoot with Passion® Coaching

Hey, there, CREATIVE! What is your passion?

  • Have you started a business and now you’re overwhelmed and stressed out?!
  • Are you spending way too much time on your business only to still not be fully booked and profitable?
  • Is your biggest fear that people will think your work isn’t good enough to call yourself a professional?
  • Are you worried that you’ll have to close your business?

Do you wish you could just do the “dream job” part and not have to worry about the technical aspects of the business??

I want to help you run your dream business.

shoot with passion coaching

  • I will teach you how to BE PROFITABLE.
  • We’ll get you the right clients, and you’ll realize YOU ARE GREAT at what you do.
  • Let’s get you focused so you can LOSE THE STRESS and get back to your fabulous self.

Would that benefit you and make life better, happier, and less stressful? I’d love to schedule a discovery call to see how I can help you succeed in your business. If it seems like we are a good fit, I may invite you to work with me privately (I only enroll a few small business owners into my signature program, so space may not currently be available; I’m also prepping a group course if that suits you better).

Contact me now for a FREE consultation: 508.768.5808

If you’re not ready for a call, come join my private Facebook group. It’s a community of lovely ladies. We talk about all things small business:

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