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I once had a client call me to shoot her baby girl’s first birthday pictures. She didn’t hire a photographer to shoot the party (which she really regretted), so we did our best to recreate the party set-up. Don’t make that mistake! Call me if you want to talk about event options (like #pictureswithTiffany), or at least designate someone to take pictures for you at the event. If you are the birthday mom, party planner, corporate event planner, bride, or all-around go-to gal, take the stress off yourself and have someone take pictures for you!

I’ve shot corporate parties in Vegas, a Nordstrom/The Woodlands Children’s Museum event, costume parties, gender reveal partiesbirthday parties (from 1 year to fabulous 40), receptions, and weddings (check out my newly minted wedding blog; I know, I know, I need to move all of my other weddings there).

I hope you have a fantastic, stress-free event!

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or

the woodlands childrens museum

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