Part 3 of 3 of that one time I left on a jet plane {fancy travel photographer}

So every day after school, I ask my kids the same question: What did you do that was kind or generous for someone today?

They are in the habit so much that sometimes they tell me before I even get a chance to ask. They are excited to tell me.  And every once in awhile, they can’t remember anything, so that gives us the opportunity to still do something kind that afternoon.

Perhaps my biggest challenge as a mom is trying to find the right balance of creating a super rad and blissfully happy childhood experience without letting them become total self-centered brats. And they aren’t. They are good kids. But, I don’t let them act unappreciative. I seriously once told my then 4-year-old after she was uncontrollably crying about her “terrible life,” that I’d strip her room down to the mattress and then we’d talk about what terrible is.

(Umm, what do you mean you’re also concerned about their “super rad and blissfully happy childhood”?? They’re fine.)

We talk A LOT about being grateful and thankful that we have such a wonderful family and a warm house to live in and lots of healthy food to eat and clean clothes to wear and very fun trips to go on. (There are THOUSANDS of people in Houston and Puerto Rico and all over the world who can’t say that, and my heart aches for them.)

So the point of all this is to say two important things, because it does feel a bit unseemly to write about something as ostentatious as riding in a private jet while so many people are hurting.

  1. I was working. This is my job. I’ve created this “fancy travel photographer” brand, and I love it. I LOVE IT. A family hired me this summer to fly to The Bahamas with them to document their vacation. All of my husband’s friends and co-workers said, “You let her go?” He laughed, because FIRST, we are best friends and encourage each other to gladly take on frickin’ bomb opportunities like that. SECOND, he also knows that my head would probably spin around 360 degrees with shooting lighting bolts if he said anything to the effect of, “Yeah, so I’m not going to let you go.”
  2. I was with my lovely friend Summer of Mommy Points who has created an equally awesome job of helping families learn how to see the world for free (also a critical part of raising kids, I think; they have to be able to see a glimpse of what life is like outside their bubble). And, it’s not so frivolous, because I personally know two families who evacuated from Houston before Harvey hit, and they were only able to get last-minute tickets because they had miles/points to use. I know one of those families learned all about miles/points because of Summer.

And really, I have a third point. Summer is THE MOST kind and generous person I know. She is a role model for how to build a brand and then use it to go out and do good things for the world. I won’t gush any more than this, because–as most good-doers are, she is humble and would downplay everything I’m saying–I don’t want to embarrass her. If you’re interested in all the good work she does in addition to teaching you how to travel smartly, follow her Instagram stories.

Now back to that jet….

In case you’ve been wondering, daily affirmations totally work. :)iamarockstarA text from one of my friends the other day. After I gave her business advice (I can’t help myself), I told her I was at the beach.kristal's text

In the last blog post, I left off with us walking to the jet. Well, we made it! I’m telling you, it took all of 4 seconds for us to get out the camera and start posing. It was so fun!

boarding our private plane to austin
Me: Ooh! Sit on the couch! Put your glasses on!08pics on our private jetMe: Ooh! Check out this cool bathroom! Stand in front of the mirror!exploring our jet

I would say the bad part is that it was such a short ride, but I took enough pictures that I could easily convince someone we went cross country.


It’s a thing.jet selfie

The next best part? Summer’s aunt picked us up from the airport and got to drive right up to the dadgum plane! car on the tarmac

So then we were whisked away by our driver right to the Austin airport to catch a ride home. Yes, it was on Southwest, which isn’t quite as fancy. But, since my wagon was hitched to the most famous travel expert in Texas, look at my boarding group and number. I’ve never been that before!

southwest boarding pass

To end the most perfect morning (because there were two other big adventures yet to be had that day, but that’s a tale for another post), Summer had free drink tickets for sparkling wine on our flight. Perfection.

To see the picture of us cheers-ing to a fun adventure, I’m going to make you check out her version of this post. I’d send you to her site and let you scroll, but she’s written 185+ blog posts since then.

You only think I’m kidding.

Love, Andrea, your favorite “fancy travel photographer”

Need your own fancy shoot? You bring the jet, I’ll bring the camera.

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Part 2 {new hashtags, hot mommas for a day, and you can call me Ludacris}

Ok, where was I? I can’t ever finish a sentence, so it makes total sense that I can’t finish a full series of blog posts. I’m not sure why you’re surprised, really.

Stephen King addresses his many, many loyal fans as “Constant Reader” when he talks to them directly about a story. What’s funny is that I could probably use the same term since I really have ONE constant reader (I’ll give you a hint: she gave birth to me), but I will go ahead and link to what I’m talking about, here:

AKA “Just when I thought I had done the coolest job ever, this little lady ups my game” 

By the way, I’m SUPER cool with having such a small following. I often joke about Facebook constantly sending me the message of “Congratulations! You have almost 500 followers to Andrea Bacle Photography!” I laugh because, no kidding, I’ve had almost 500 followers for YEARS now. But, guess what?? I have all the business I can handle.

I mean, I’m swamped.

But that’s my business model. Most of my clients that bring in 90% of my revenue aren’t even on Facebook, at least as far as I know. So then how do I get so many clients and so much work? Well, if you want the answer to that secret sauce, you have to sign up with business coaching with me or at least join my Facebook group of brilliant ladies. <– You see what I did there? Winky face.

So, why blog?

  1. My mom doesn’t get the paper any more, so she needs something to read.
  2. I do need somewhere to send people when they want to see samples of what I do since they aren’t on Facebook.
  3. I love this digital version of a scrapbook. When those two Bacle babies left my body, I swear they lassoed the memory cells in my brain with their umbilical cords and took them with them on the way out. If I don’t write it down, it never happened in my memory. Sometimes people get upset when I can’t remember their information, former shoots, kids’ names, dogs’ names. Hey, people. Please direct your anger to where it should go: at my children.

Whew. Back to the point. When Mommy Points sent me a text one day that she needed new headshots, I said, “You know what would be awesome? If we did them on one of those fancy pants private jets.” I was immediately envisioning Fergie’s “Glamorous” video, and clearly I am Ludacris in this scenario. Dreams can come true.

So when I turned on my phone one July morning and found this….

01text to go

I packed my bags and became a squatter at the airport. I wasn’t going miss that flight. 02airport squatter

Yes, that’s our jet!! We were both really trying not to wig out and act cool in front of the fancy people who do this all the time. 03blog post is this the real life private jet plane houston

How cute is she Facetiming with her kiddos? In case you’ve forgotten: in real life, we are moms. But every once in awhile, we like to play dress-up, too. 04hobby airport private jet terminal05hobby airport private plane terminal

mommy points showing her family

Glamorous, for sure. 07houston airport private jet portraits

Oh, you know. Just two stay-at-home-work-from-home-moms-who-work-their-butts-off-in-between-taking-care-of-other-people’s-butts hot ladies walking to their private jet!photo by summer mommy points

Yes. I discovered a whole new world of hashtags that day. trying out some new hashtags

Part three coming…before 2017 is over. That’s all I can promise.

Love, Andrea

PS, I would totally be willing to come up with some more fancy hashtags for your own fancy photoshoot. Call me. 508.768.5808

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bestie beach sesh {Texas beach photographer}

People. Get ready to scroll…and scroll and scroll. I did my very best to narrow this down to a manageable number of pics to show, but I couldn’t delete any more. They are too cute and beautiful and special.

These two girls were practically inseparable this summer. They went everywhere together. So, instead of taking the kids to our annual it’s-the-last-week-before-school-starts-so-let’s-squeeze-in-one-more-trip-to-Florida trip, we went to good ol’ Galveston. Because we love it. Because we love the food. Because we love the views. And–most importantly, duh–I love the photo opportunities. bestie beach sessions01bestie beach sessions02

I thought it would be sweet to have a photo shoot dedicated to them and their sweet friendship this year. Who was your bestie when you were 8? Do you have any pictures with her? best friends galveston beach02best friends galveston beach01

Of course, they didn’t mind getting wet and sandy for me. bestie beach sesh02bestie beach sesh01best friends holding hands galveston beach01best friends galveston beach03best friends beach session galvy

Then B says, “Can we do that thing where we flip our hair up?” How does she even know that’s a thing??silly girls best friends galveston txbestie beach sesh galveston beachgalveston beach beste friends01galveston beach best friends02galveston beach best friends01beach session with your bestie texasbest friends galveston beach04

They had just gone to get pedicures the week before as a birthday treat, so I had to make sure I got that. Matching colors, of friends beach session galvy tx

This one is my daughter’s favorite. How will I ever decide which ones to print?? I’m thinking I might have to make an album just for this beautiful session. It would be a good way to wrap up our frickin’ fantastic summer of fun and sun. galveston beach best friend session01

What about a “bestie beach sesh” for your kiddos? Half of the beauty of living in Texas is that we can go to the beach year-round, and it’s almost always warm enough to get in the water to play.

I have some October dates open for Galveston if you’d like to book. But, what do your kids and their best friends like to do? It would be fun to document what they’re into right now, because–don’t you know–it will be gone before you know it.

Call me. xoxo

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or


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Houston with Ashley’s style {wardrobe styling for family photo sessions}

Please pardon the interruption in Summer’s series of posts, but I had the intention of posting about this special collaboration since pre-Hurricane Harvey, and then, well…yeah. Life was put on hold for a while.

I am so super excited about this new service and collaboration I’m offering to my clients: styled sessions. By styled, I mean my oh-so-lovely friend and wardrobe stylist, Ashley, will come to your house and plan your entire family’s wardrobe for your shoot.

ashley kahn11

Cutie McPretty, right?!

Using the clothes you already have, she’ll style every person in the family and make sure you perfectly coordinate. So many of my clients get stressed and overwhelmed about what to put the family in. I’ll certainly still be happy to chat with you about what to wear, but if you’re looking to take all the stress out of the shoot (and have a super fun experience playing in your own closet), you should definitely consider hiring Ashley to help. **She’s even offering a discount for my clients who book her when they book their sessions. When you book your sesh, let me know you’d like to add on her services.

(Also, if you book a senior girl’s shoot with me, Ashley’s styling service WILL BE INCLUDED in the session fee, because a gal sometimes needs a little help to look her most fabulous.)

Before we decided to do this collaboration, she wanted to show me exactly how it would work, so she came over and we spent the afternoon playing in my closet. Yes, yes, I know I have a dream job.

**Insert plug for myself here: Guess what?! You can have it too! Call me for a free coaching consultation on how to make your own dream job a reality. I primarily advertise my coaching service for photographers, but I help women with all sorts of small businesses. Check out my FB group if you’re looking for good business advice.

So first, we started with my outfit because I always recommend Mom starts with herself and plans the rest of the family’s outfits around hers.

ashley kahn06

For me, specifically, I explained my vision for the shoot and she ran with it. I told her I wanted to do a shoot in my fancy trench and wanted to do something different than our typical crazy, bright colors and patterns on the beach. The goal is to do dark neutrals with the skyline and city life in the background. I love Houston so much, and although we have no intention of moving right now, who the heck knows where we’ll end up? I don’t have any pics of us that are in an urban setting, so I thought it would be fun to change it up. (I’ll definitely share those pics when we have them done by the lovely Stefanie Frazelle. Exciting!)

My recommendation for you if you do this is to have the biggest bed in the house available to lay all the clothes out for the family, so you can visually see how they’ll coordinate.

ashley kahn02

ashley kahn01

The hubs was the easiest part. It helps when your man is super dapper and looks good in anything. So on to the kids.

Before she came, I walked into my daughter’s room to straighten it up.

–Sidenote (of course). By the way, I just rewatched my video in my Facebook group (come join us!) about not working for free, because I had mentioned it to someone at a party and I wanted to make sure it was still what I was thinking it was in my head.


  1. I clear my throat all the time, because I am always on the tail end of some kind of sinus problems, so sorry about that.
  2. I can’t bloody finish a sentence! Again, sorry. Super annoying. Here’s the thing, I’ll be in the middle of a sentence and I realize I need to prep the rest of the sentence with another point first and then another point before that. Crazytown. You should see inside my brain. It’s a mess up there.

–So sidenote to the sidenote: Once my kids were old enough to tidy their rooms at least a little, I turned that chore right over to them. When they were both at home all day every day, I’d keep their rooms clean and then I’d walk into my own once-beautiful bedroom and be bummed out because it was never tidy, because I was feeding and following the two hooligans around all day long. I finally decided they can wreck their own spaces, and I would walk into my own beautiful space and feel so much happier.

So I walked over to their “wing” and started to tidy up, and I thought, “Yeahhhhh, nope. This is what you get. Sorry, but I’m not gonna fake the funk for this sweet lady.” Their clothes are clean and put away, and we will kick the crap out of gently slide the toys out of our way to get to them.

ashley kahn03

And going into this, I fully expected that I’d have to buy an outfit for myself and at least one piece of clothing for each kid. However, Ashley reassured me that we would be able to work with what we have–and we did!

But I mean, really: this was my son’s closet. I said, “Literally, he has three things hanging up. Everything else is shirts and shorts.”

ashley kahn05

This poor lady worked on the floor with a smile. Ok, I kind of feel bad about that. But, we don’t have any pets, so at least there wasn’t any dog hair.

ashley kahn04

And then, when we were all done, she sent me a super cute and fun link with everything, because when she looked into my eyes, she could see the black vastness of killed memory brain cells from all of the working/sleepless nights and knew I’d never be able to remember what we picked.

stylist wardrobe

So fun, right?!

It’s so very important to me that I support fellow women with small businesses. For my current and future clients, I hope you will consider treating yourself to a session with Ashley. She is a sweetheart, and I promise you will appreciate feeling well prepared for our family session. Here are her additional links:

And everyone else, I will finish Summer’s series…um, soon. :)

Thank you, Ashley!

Love, Andrea or 508.768.5808

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Part 1 of my wannabe-rockstar-lifestyle shoot on a jet {lifestyle travel portraiture}

This lovely post has been in draft form since July 26th. You might think, “Oh, yeah. Isn’t that her kid’s birthday?” Fine, yes. But, NO. That was the day this little wannabe-cool-chick got to take a private jet and become a really-real-pinch-me-this-is-my-job travel photographer. I know. I still don’t believe it either.

First, the backstory. Once upon a time, the Bacles went to Paris.

little assistant

And Germany and Rome and Milan and Nice and Venice.

year of travel

What are these pics, you ask? These are evidence that back in the day, we used to do some COOL stuff.

And when I say back in the day, we took these on film (and not in the one-gear-bicycle-riding hipster way–the old person way).

We took at 6-year-ish break to raise these babies up, and then we started back up. In the meantime, I met my travelling, kindred spirit sister….

Really. This was on her Insta stories the other day, and this is my daily conundrum:

summer's story

She is my lovely friend Summer (aka MommyPoints), the rockstar-of-all-travelling; we met when we moved to Texas and joined something my formerly cool self never even knew existed: a mommy group.

I’m not sure exactly when I met this lovely lady, but this 2011 pic is the earliest photographic evidence I can find. (Sidenote: I love how this horse is posing for the camera and that the picture I find of my most fabulous friend is this hilarious one. Sorry, Summer, but you know I’m always gonna go for the laugh.)

summer and horse

So, when she was building her crazy-amazing-rockstar-travel-points brand…

**Pause. If you are at all interested in the travelling and points and miles world, head over to her blog. She has SOOO many great posts and advice on how to travel efficiently/safely/on a budget/using points/you name it. If you’re new to that world, she has a great beginner’s guide post: beginner’s guide. Also, she’s very modest and humble and would probably not want me to brag on her so much, but it’s my blog and I’ll brag if I want to.

…I would say things like, “I know you must not believe this, but I used to travel. I’ve got the travel bug, and one day when these babies are done nursing and out of diapers and probably 18 years old….”

I think I had her finally convinced that I’m serious about travelling as often as I can, so fast forward to this text I got at the beginning of the summer. (Is it bad that I haven’t updated her contact info in 6 years? Whoops.)

first text


By the way, she has inspired me to blog more often, so I’m breaking this into two (or three) posts and will put them up later in the week.

Stay tuned.

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or

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before and after pics–a little Photoshop magic {Shoot with Passion™ photography coach}

Whew! We made it through summer. Did you have the best one yet? That was our goal, for sure. Are you still catching your breath? All unpacked from all of your adventures? Here’s the real question: Have you downloaded all your pics from your camera yet?? Have you been going through your summer pics and realize some of your shots need a little Photoshop magic?

  1. If you need something in particular edited, I am available for outsourcing.


2. Sign up for one of my “Shot by Momma” classes! There are three options:

  • A camera workshop for hip mommies (how to take your camera off auto)
  • How to take better pics of your kids (using your “good” camera)
  • Editing, organizing, and ordering your images (using Photoshop or your favorite editing software) **this option is available online or in person

Of course, the ideal solution is to get the shot SOOC (straight of camera), but sometimes the flash doesn’t fire, and it’s underexposed:

before and after hermione

Sometimes you want to add some artistic flare:before and after florida

Sometimes the baby smiles when you aren’t quite ready:before and after newborn boy

Sometimes you haven’t framed it just like you’d want:before and after 4 year old

And sometimes the sun has gone down and you’re out of light:before and after saved beach pics

This last one was taken by my oh-so-handsome second shooter (but he works for me, so he gave me the copyright and permission to edit). ;)

If you’d love to know how to work that big fancy camera you have sitting in the closet or how to edit those special shots, let me know, and I’ll email you the info. Or, follow me on Instagram or Facebook to get the info when I send out the latest class spots.

If you only took pics on your cell phone (which is totally cool, too), I will bug you about saving them and eventually printing them. How much would your kids love a little book to re-cap their super fun summer you made happen? I can help you print those or send you in the right direction if you want to DIY.

Love, Andrea or 508.768.5808

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headshots when you Shoot with Passion™ {photographer and small business coach}

Hey, hey, friends! Raise your hand if you’ve had one crazy-fun summer and are rejuvenated to dive back into work. Person Raising Hand: Light Skin Tone on Apple iOS 10.3

I’m so super excited to get back to my Shoot with Passion™ work with my most fabulous coaching clients. If you’ve been thinking about signing up for private coaching with me, please make sure you contact me before September 1st. I’m still going to do private coaching, but I’m adding group coaching, so my private prices will go up significantly.

So, when you sign up with mentoring with me, you get a complimentary set of new headshots. (If you are doing coaching long distance, I will arrange headshots with a local photographer, or I’ll do my best to turn it into a visit and travel to you! If you’ve followed me for a minute or more, you know I’ll find any excuse to travel.)

This is the oh-so-beautiful Yahaira of Photography by Yahaira. <–Here’s the link to her Facebook page.

We tried to do a variety of shots. Which do you like?

shoot with passion coaching headshotsandrea bacle photography headshots for photographers

complimentary headshots with abp coachingcomplimentary headshots with andrea bacle coachingshoot with passion mentoring with andreaandrea bacle headshots for photographers

headshots with andrea bacle photography coaching

yahaira facebook

Of course I would love to take the credit and say it’s my fabulous photography that makes her look so gorgeous, but that’s all her. I can’t responsibility at all. :)

Here’s one she took of me:

yahairas pic of me

Have you been stuck in your business? Have you been wanting to change things up? Refresh? Fall back in love with it? Give me a call. I might be just the gal to give you a swift–but loving–kick in the rear to get you back on track. At a minimum, you should definitely jump over and join my little Facebook community of fabulous ladies, where we talk about all things small business.

Love, Andrea

Contact me at 508.768.5808 or Better yet, now that the kids are back in school, let’s schedule a little coffee meeting at a cute cafe. :)

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