hurricane baby, part one {travel portrait photographer}

So many people have been posting their #2017bestnine pics this week and especially yesterday. I would say that it’s got me thinking a lot about my photos throughout the year, but there’s really only one that I can’t get off my mind. This baby boy:

andrea bacle newborn session after the hurricane

I haven’t posted about this session, because it’s so…much. It’s everything. It’s sad, it’s uplifting, it’s heartbreaking, it’s inspiring. For me, it was life changing.

I’ve delayed this because

  1. I needed to make sure I had permission from Courtney, the mom of this precious boy.
  2. I haven’t had the time to give it a proper write up. I couldn’t hurry this.
  3. Every time I started to think about what to write, the blogging narcissist in me would relate it back to my life, and it’s so not about me. But, it is my blog and my life as a photographer and mom and woman, so I’d ask myself if it’s ok to connect it to myself.
  4. It’s sad. I’m a happy girl. Isn’t it easier to turn away from the hard stuff? But isn’t that what’s real? Aren’t we all a little sick of the fakeness of social media? The faux happiness? When is it ok to talk about what makes us sad?

So then I finally realized that I HAVE to write about it. Before this shoot, the emotionally hardest thing I’ve done in my life was to say these words

“On behalf of the President of the United States, the United States Air Force, and a grateful nation, please accept this flag as a symbol of our appreciation for your loved one’s honorable and faithful service.”

as I presented the flag to the crying mother of one of my favorite Airmen who died with his wife en route to their new base and new life while I was his commander.

Life goes on and nothing ever stops, and I was so busy with work that I never made the time to even think about it. I never talked about it with anyone and never properly grieved or processed it. So when did it all come out? At my final farewell speech in front of all the high-ranking dudes when I was separating from the Air Force and my Airman’s uncle came and delivered a beautiful necklace to me from his mother. Yep, I lost it. No military bearing for me.

After, my husband said, “What was that all about? You never cry.”

Fast forward to when I went to see my reflexologist the other day (you know I’m hippie-dippie-baloney with my health stuff), she said, there’s something weighing on your heart on your male side, and I knew exactly what it was. I haven’t really talked about this baby boy, and it’s been rolling around my head (and my heart) since the hurricane.

So, are you in? Want to hear the whole story? Step 1. Listen to this podcast. It’s Courtney’s story about her journey with her son.

(Yeah, yeah, it’s an hour long. But, so what? I know you’re in the car for that long at some point in the day anyway. Listen to the first half in the morning, and then you’ll be excited about your drive home in the evening or the next day in car rider line or wherever.)

Step 2. I’ll post my side next.

Love, Andrea


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tiny Christmas baby {Woodforest newborn photographer}

I love it when a client gives me an idea of her vision and we can run with it. Props. Recreating moments. A series of moments. However, my number-one-will-always-be-my-favorite newborn shot is the one of the birthday suit on a white blanket. What a perfect image to post the day before we start a brand new year. So squishy and sweet and only this little for this day. facebook last newborn session andrea bacleThis little Christmas elf wasn’t supposed to be born until 2018. Little did everyone know, he wanted to have his first Christmas this year. He needed a little extra love in the hospital because he came so early, but he was home just in time for his first Christmas with all of the many people who love him. For his shoot, since he didn’t complain, mom and I posed him in a stocking, with milk and cookies, in front of the tree…all the good stuff. He is a Christmas baby after all. woodforest christmas baby andrea bacle newbornsThe very coolest part about him coming early (besides being the best Christmas present ever) is that he came on mom and dad’s anniversary. What a wonderful reminder that he’ll have every year–that he came from love. woodforest christmas baby andrea bacle newborns anniversary birthdateAnd this little sneaky smile? Loooove. I am pretty sure he’s going to be the coolest kid ever. anniversary newborn baby boy woodforest

One of my faves:newborn baby simple white blanket the woodlands tx

Little peanut and family, thank you for a fun and relaxing shoot. I hope you love these and had the best Christmas day together snuggled in front of the fire and loving your new family. andrea bacle woodforest montgomery tx newborn

I can’t wait to show you the rest, and I hope you have the best New Year’s Eve and an exciting 2018!

Love, Andrea

Dear readers, I am already fully booked for pictures through March. If you’re interested in a session, call soon. I am taking on more and more coaching clients through my Shoot with Passion™ coaching program. If you know a photographer or someone who has been thinking about starting a photography business and you think we’d be a good fit for coaching, please send her my way. If she signs up for coaching with me, you’ll get a $250 credit towards a photo session (referral offer good through the end of January). xoxo

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Thanksgiving sessions are open! {greater Houston area photographer}

So, it turns out that instead of working and scheduling sessions during the month of October, I decided to watch non-stop baseball instead.

Whoops! I blame the Astros.

Because I kinda sorta took that month off, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I cancelled our family Steamboat Springs Thanksgiving trip.

Ok, my little dude needs one more year before I think he’s going to be willing to attempt skiing; I don’t want to scare him and ruin all future snowy, ski trips.

**One time I forced him to eat peas, and now “I can’t eat peas because they make me lolligag.” I don’t know if I’ll ever correct him on this. It’s my favorite.

But now I’m quite certain that he’ll never eat peas again for the rest of his life.

So that means the good news is that I now have an entire week available to do your shoots, you people who were distracted by baseball, too.


Don’t wait. Go online and pay for a session using this link, or contact me as soon as you can to book your spot.

Or, let’s schedule a New Year’s session. :)

And now you’re starting to understand why I only send out Valentine’s Day cards….

Love, Andrea

PS, Some people have been asking about mini-sessions. Yes, I definitely offer mini-sessions for my returning clients. I wrote up a little blog post about what those are with me a while back. If you are thinking about a mini instead of a full, check out the info here.—–>What is a mini-session with ABP?

PPS, If you haven’t checked the blog in awhile, I want to give a shout out to my friend Ashley, who is a personal stylist and will help you style the whole family for your session. This is great for those of you who haven’t booked sessions yet because you haven’t been able to figure out what you want to wear. You know who you are. ;) xoxo

508.768.5808 or


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in love on the beach {Galveston travel photographer}

What’s the recipe for your happiness? Do you know it? Are you living it every day or at least as often as possible? If not, giiiiirrrrrl, life is too short. Get on it.

The recipe for my happiness:

  1. Get me on the beach
  2. Make it sunset
  3. Show me a woman in love

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman happy in love.a woman in love on the beach

I get asked all the time about why I book so many travel gigs (because it is tricky with two small kids). I’ll tell you. There was one holiday season when I had at least 10 sessions in a row where somebody cried. The baby, the toddler, the mom, the dog…. I walked away from a particularly stressful session (I really, really try to make them as low-stress as possible) super bummed. I’m an educator and lover of all things–how am I in a job that’s causing stress instead of joy? How am I in a job that might make kids cry? The next day, I was on the beach. I was walking, and I thought: this is where I want to be. This is my happy place. How can I combine these two things?

And that’s how a “fancy travel photographer” was born. galveston beach couple in love in front of pleasure pier

Really. Who can be stressed under a pier having a little moment with your gorgeous woman??galveston beach couple in love under the pier

And sheesh. If there’s anything that can lower my blood pressure, it’s all of this beauty. Warm, windy, salty air and a sunset=happy place. galveston beach photographer

The next best part is the story. As we’re walking and talking, I love to find out a couple’s story. Also, the more you can tell me before the session, the better. These cuties wanted more of a candid/less posey-posed session, so I brought a longer lens to make it feel less intrusive.

pleasure pier couple in love on jettyhand in hand galveston beach sunsetThis particular shot was an inside joke and recreation of a photo they already have. You know I love that!galveston meets american gothic

galveston beach couple in love

Want to know how to style a beach shoot? This, right here:how to style your couples beach shoot

My lovely peeps, I had a blast with you and your sweet pup. Thank you for trusting me to catch these moments that will last forever. hand in hand galveston beach with fur baby

Fellow beach lovers, I have four spots available in Galveston through the end of the year. Let’s chat. xoxo

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or

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Rise and Hustle {fancy travel photographer and her fellow hustler}

So, remember that one time I got to take headshots on that private jet with the coolest chick ever on the coolest day ever?

Just kidding. I know you do.

I’ve been cramming it down your throats for the past three months. I figure if I talk about it enough, will just go ahead and give me an honorary membership. I’m fairly certain they would only do that for “influencers,” but I mean–c’mon–I have direct influence over TWO WHOLE PEOPLE who will be able to buy their own tickets in as little as 16-ish years. So, there’s that to think about, JetSmarter.

Anyway, you know how much I love to support a working gal, so I wanted to make sure I give one last push for you to go and vote for Summer of Mommy Points.

USA TODAY included Mommy Points in their “10 Best” Reader’s Choice awards for the Best Miles and Points Blog category! So cool, right?! Today is the last day to vote. Don’t wait!


mommy points fancy air travel

Last week I posted a video in my FB group asking about who you spend time with. This is what I’m talking about. You know how you have some women in your life, and they are so awesome that they make you motivated to go out and do good things?

At the same time, you also think, “Good night. How does she do it?? How is she awesome at everything?” And I’m guessing Summer would probably say something to the effect of, “I’m not awesome at everything by any means. I’m just working and raising a family like everyone else.”blog post working momma mommy points

Yes. We all are. Even the supermoms are really just doing their best.

(And if you are reading this and often compare yourself to those supermoms in a negative way? Ease up, lady. We are all out there trying our best. And guess what? No one is doing it all right all the time. At the end of the day, we are trying to be happy and healthy. You are a supermom, too.)

So, when I see Summer doing it so well–handling being a fun and cool mom with this groovy job she’s created for herself, I really have thought: Ok, but really–how does she do it??

Well, when we spent a workday together (I mean, can I really get away with calling this a “work” day?), I found out.

This lady doesn’t quit.

working girl midflight

It’s no wonder she can write dozens of blog posts a month, because she’s always writing. She’s always posting online and keeping her followers up to date, and they love her! Really, every blog post usually has dozens of comments from people also wanting to share tips and help each other out. What a great service to give to the world.  mommy points rise and hustle

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Rise and Grind.” Well, I prefer “Rise and Hustle.” This morning at the bus stop, my daughter said, “So what are you going to do with your life today?” I said, “Ooh, good question,” and then proceeded to list about 30 hours’ worth of work. It is a non-stop hustle out there for a mom with a small business.

And like I tell my husband when he gets frustrated at how hard it is when I’m giving him camera lessons (because I’m really trying to teach him how to be my second shooter):

Just because I make it look easy doesn’t mean it is.

And Summer makes it look easy, but don’t think for one second that she’s not working hard all the time. So, do me a favor and vote for my friend and fellow hustler: VOTE HERE

rise and hustle mommy points

Happy November, y’all! I am already making lots of travel plans for 2018, so if you need a little hustler as your carry-on, give me a shout.

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or

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Part 3 of 3 of that one time I left on a jet plane {fancy travel photographer}

So every day after school, I ask my kids the same question: What did you do that was kind or generous for someone today?

They are in the habit so much that sometimes they tell me before I even get a chance to ask. They are excited to tell me.  And every once in awhile, they can’t remember anything, so that gives us the opportunity to still do something kind that afternoon.

Perhaps my biggest challenge as a mom is trying to find the right balance of creating a super rad and blissfully happy childhood experience without letting them become total self-centered brats. And they aren’t. They are good kids. But, I don’t let them act unappreciative. I seriously once told my then 4-year-old after she was uncontrollably crying about her “terrible life,” that I’d strip her room down to the mattress and then we’d talk about what terrible is.

(Umm, what do you mean you’re also concerned about their “super rad and blissfully happy childhood”?? They’re fine.)

We talk A LOT about being grateful and thankful that we have such a wonderful family and a warm house to live in and lots of healthy food to eat and clean clothes to wear and very fun trips to go on. (There are THOUSANDS of people in Houston and Puerto Rico and all over the world who can’t say that, and my heart aches for them.)

So the point of all this is to say two important things, because it does feel a bit unseemly to write about something as ostentatious as riding in a private jet while so many people are hurting.

  1. I was working. This is my job. I’ve created this “fancy travel photographer” brand, and I love it. I LOVE IT. A family hired me this summer to fly to The Bahamas with them to document their vacation. All of my husband’s friends and co-workers said, “You let her go?” He laughed, because FIRST, we are best friends and encourage each other to gladly take on frickin’ bomb opportunities like that. SECOND, he also knows that my head would probably spin around 360 degrees with shooting lighting bolts if he said anything to the effect of, “Yeah, so I’m not going to let you go.”
  2. I was with my lovely friend Summer of Mommy Points who has created an equally awesome job of helping families learn how to see the world for free (also a critical part of raising kids, I think; they have to be able to see a glimpse of what life is like outside their bubble). And, it’s not so frivolous, because I personally know two families who evacuated from Houston before Harvey hit, and they were only able to get last-minute tickets because they had miles/points to use. I know one of those families learned all about miles/points because of Summer.

And really, I have a third point. Summer is THE MOST kind and generous person I know. She is a role model for how to build a brand and then use it to go out and do good things for the world. I won’t gush any more than this, because–as most good-doers are, she is humble and would downplay everything I’m saying–I don’t want to embarrass her. If you’re interested in all the good work she does in addition to teaching you how to travel smartly, follow her Instagram stories.

Now back to that jet….

In case you’ve been wondering, daily affirmations totally work. :)iamarockstarA text from one of my friends the other day. After I gave her business advice (I can’t help myself), I told her I was at the beach.kristal's text

In the last blog post, I left off with us walking to the jet. Well, we made it! I’m telling you, it took all of 4 seconds for us to get out the camera and start posing. It was so fun!

boarding our private plane to austin
Me: Ooh! Sit on the couch! Put your glasses on!08pics on our private jetMe: Ooh! Check out this cool bathroom! Stand in front of the mirror!exploring our jet

I would say the bad part is that it was such a short ride, but I took enough pictures that I could easily convince someone we went cross country.


It’s a thing.jet selfie

The next best part? Summer’s aunt picked us up from the airport and got to drive right up to the dadgum plane! car on the tarmac

So then we were whisked away by our driver right to the Austin airport to catch a ride home. Yes, it was on Southwest, which isn’t quite as fancy. But, since my wagon was hitched to the most famous travel expert in Texas, look at my boarding group and number. I’ve never been that before!

southwest boarding pass

To end the most perfect morning (because there were two other big adventures yet to be had that day, but that’s a tale for another post), Summer had free drink tickets for sparkling wine on our flight. Perfection.

To see the picture of us cheers-ing to a fun adventure, I’m going to make you check out her version of this post. I’d send you to her site and let you scroll, but she’s written 185+ blog posts since then.

You only think I’m kidding.

Love, Andrea, your favorite “fancy travel photographer”

Need your own fancy shoot? You bring the jet, I’ll bring the camera.

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Part 2 {new hashtags, hot mommas for a day, and you can call me Ludacris}

Ok, where was I? I can’t ever finish a sentence, so it makes total sense that I can’t finish a full series of blog posts. I’m not sure why you’re surprised, really.

Stephen King addresses his many, many loyal fans as “Constant Reader” when he talks to them directly about a story. What’s funny is that I could probably use the same term since I really have ONE constant reader (I’ll give you a hint: she gave birth to me), but I will go ahead and link to what I’m talking about, here:

AKA “Just when I thought I had done the coolest job ever, this little lady ups my game” 

By the way, I’m SUPER cool with having such a small following. I often joke about Facebook constantly sending me the message of “Congratulations! You have almost 500 followers to Andrea Bacle Photography!” I laugh because, no kidding, I’ve had almost 500 followers for YEARS now. But, guess what?? I have all the business I can handle.

I mean, I’m swamped.

But that’s my business model. Most of my clients that bring in 90% of my revenue aren’t even on Facebook, at least as far as I know. So then how do I get so many clients and so much work? Well, if you want the answer to that secret sauce, you have to sign up with business coaching with me or at least join my Facebook group of brilliant ladies. <– You see what I did there? Winky face.

So, why blog?

  1. My mom doesn’t get the paper any more, so she needs something to read.
  2. I do need somewhere to send people when they want to see samples of what I do since they aren’t on Facebook.
  3. I love this digital version of a scrapbook. When those two Bacle babies left my body, I swear they lassoed the memory cells in my brain with their umbilical cords and took them with them on the way out. If I don’t write it down, it never happened in my memory. Sometimes people get upset when I can’t remember their information, former shoots, kids’ names, dogs’ names. Hey, people. Please direct your anger to where it should go: at my children.

Whew. Back to the point. When Mommy Points sent me a text one day that she needed new headshots, I said, “You know what would be awesome? If we did them on one of those fancy pants private jets.” I was immediately envisioning Fergie’s “Glamorous” video, and clearly I am Ludacris in this scenario. Dreams can come true.

So when I turned on my phone one July morning and found this….

01text to go

I packed my bags and became a squatter at the airport. I wasn’t going miss that flight. 02airport squatter

Yes, that’s our jet!! We were both really trying not to wig out and act cool in front of the fancy people who do this all the time. 03blog post is this the real life private jet plane houston

How cute is she Facetiming with her kiddos? In case you’ve forgotten: in real life, we are moms. But every once in awhile, we like to play dress-up, too. 04hobby airport private jet terminal05hobby airport private plane terminal

mommy points showing her family

Glamorous, for sure. 07houston airport private jet portraits

Oh, you know. Just two stay-at-home-work-from-home-moms-who-work-their-butts-off-in-between-taking-care-of-other-people’s-butts hot ladies walking to their private jet!photo by summer mommy points

Yes. I discovered a whole new world of hashtags that day. trying out some new hashtags

Part three coming…before 2017 is over. That’s all I can promise.

Love, Andrea

PS, I would totally be willing to come up with some more fancy hashtags for your own fancy photoshoot. Call me. 508.768.5808

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