Thanksgiving sessions are open! {greater Houston area photographer}

So, it turns out that instead of working and scheduling sessions during the month of October, I decided to watch non-stop baseball instead.

Whoops! I blame the Astros.

Because I kinda sorta took that month off, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I cancelled our family Steamboat Springs Thanksgiving trip.

Ok, my little dude needs one more year before I think he’s going to be willing to attempt skiing; I don’t want to scare him and ruin all future snowy, ski trips.

**One time I forced him to eat peas, and now “I can’t eat peas because they make me lolligag.” I don’t know if I’ll ever correct him on this. It’s my favorite.

But now I’m quite certain that he’ll never eat peas again for the rest of his life.

So that means the good news is that I now have an entire week available to do your shoots, you people who were distracted by baseball, too.


Don’t wait. Go online and pay for a session using this link, or contact me as soon as you can to book your spot.

Or, let’s schedule a New Year’s session. :)

And now you’re starting to understand why I only send out Valentine’s Day cards….

Love, Andrea

PS, Some people have been asking about mini-sessions. Yes, I definitely offer mini-sessions for my returning clients. I wrote up a little blog post about what those are with me a while back. If you are thinking about a mini instead of a full, check out the info here.—–>What is a mini-session with ABP?

PPS, If you haven’t checked the blog in awhile, I want to give a shout out to my friend Ashley, who is a personal stylist and will help you style the whole family for your session. This is great for those of you who haven’t booked sessions yet because you haven’t been able to figure out what you want to wear. You know who you are. ;) xoxo

508.768.5808 or


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