Use this #1 trick when you’re out of ideas for blog posts.

Hey, hey. What’s your blog about? Are you a photographer? A videographer?

Are you a shaker, a baker, a candlestick maker?

It doesn’t matter what your creative outlet is, if you’re a blogger, you have certainly run out of ideas for blog posts at some point. Here’s my number one trick for when I don’t know what to write about but I still have to write all the words so it’s recognized as a credible post.

Think about a theme or blog post topic, and include at least three pictures that you want to use in a post. And goodness gracious, if you borrow the picture from another source on the internet, cite the photographer or website where you got it. Then, for every image you post, tell a little story about each one.

The story for this one is that I have just opened an Etsy shop with digital images and original pieces of artwork to keep my GED coaching free to women who need it. If you favorite my shop, you’ll get notifications when I upload new items. Thank you for your support!

When you’re crafting your story, remember your audience.

Are you selling a product? Who would buy it? Would it make a great gift? Mention that. Who is your reader and who would she buy the gift for? Give her some ideas. Here’s an example blog post about a product I have in my small Etsy shop, which I have to help pay for my GED coaching work.

Are you writing a photography blog post? Is this a sneak peek of an entire gallery of images? Your audience is going to be the momma of the family in the pictures. Also, your audience is the future momma who wants the same pictures of her babies, so remember to articulate how these pictures could work with her unique situation, location, or family members.

Here’s an example using a mini-session I did one of these years ago but never posted.

Ask yourself these four questions:

  1. What is the point of the post? For this one, I would use it to advertise upcoming mini-sessions.
  2. Who is the audience? The mommas I want to book those sessions with.
  3. What is the story? This sweet baby girl and the benefit of using mini-sessions to get “the shot.”
  4. What is the title of the post? “A mini-session might be the best choice for your family’s annual holiday card photo.”

By the way, we are great friends with this sweet family, but some of these details may not be true. This was two years ago, and I just don’t remember. This was back when I was pulling all-nighters in my doctoral work while teaching math and coaching businesswomen and running my small photography business. My brain has double bolted that filing cabinet shut. You know how they say that you’re able to recall memories if you get back into the same mental state you were in when it happened? I would have to multiply my stress level by 10, be awake at 3am with a fresh pot of coffee, while physically feeling my individual hairs turning gray. As much fun as that sounds, I’ll just make up a little tale for you.

You know how no one besides Momma wants to take family pictures? Why is that, by the way? Don’t we do everything for our people, and all we ask for in return is for you all to happily pose for a few pictures? Well, the mini-session might be the answer for all of us.

(This is where you link back to any previous posts you’ve written to explain what mini-session are, or you should link to the advertisement you’ve created with the upcoming mini-session details.)

This little gal made her holiday card debut this year. Since we did a mini-session that only took about 5 minutes–really!–we were able to get a few quick shots of Daddy and Big Brothers holding her.

Talk about a beautiful card! They look like the family you’d see as the models in the picture frames.

And then we let her run!

There are several fabulous Etsy shops that sell little headbands like this. Here’s one I love: ShopMaxAndMaeCo.

The beauty of the mini-session is that we want to get the one shot of the family and then a few updated ones of the kiddos. Everyone posed, and then I followed the little lady around.

This little lady never sat still.

This is one of my favorite Momma-and-Me poses. The babies always giggle, and the mommas are always so happy to play.

Don’t you love how their outfits complement each other?

I hope this helps you think about what to include in your blog posts. The danger I was always found was that I seemed to say “Isn’t she so cute?!” in every post, so I had to mix it up a little. It’s okay if you use similar words every time, but then you’re competing with yourself for SEO. You’ll want to use a variety of words when you can. I’m one to talk, though. For a while, I was really worried my kids’ first sentences would be, “You are so cute!”

xo, Andrea

P.S. If you are interested in one-on-one tailored coaching for your business, give me a shout for more ideas like this. I’m full of ’em. :)

Post, post script, I fully realize that all of my posts may seem scattered. However, all of the funnels I have for affiliate links (once I get approved through Etsy, I will change these links to affiliate links) and businesses and coaching programs all lead to my passion in life, which is working with GED-seeking women. I want to do all of this other work so I can offer my services for free to them. Thank you for reading and clicking or any other good vibes you send my way. xo

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