#pictureswithTiffany {T&Co event photographer}

Hey, hey! I am in the middle of going to school, teaching school, and helping my kids with online school, but I see that I have had lots of web traffic lately, so I thought I’d write a new post. Maybe more people are at home and have already watched YouTube twice, or they are wondering when they can take pictures again.

(If you need updated pictures now, I have a mask and a long lens!)

I have also been wondering if and when we will have events again–what will they look like? I wanted to share the lovely pictures I did for a fancy-pants event at The Woodlands T&Co way back when we didn’t wear masks and could gather together. I was able to bring along my second shooter + model + photog assistant. Now, once I get my son skilled on the drone, we’ll be a one-stop-shop family business for all your photography needs.


We fancy.

working girls t&co

The event was celebrating their T&Co line of Color Block Coffee & Tea sets. They also had a ribbon-tying class and contest.

If you are ready to start planning, I am taking bookings for events and weddings for the fall. Thank you, photo friends, for checking in! xo


508.768.5808 or andrea.bacle@gmail.com

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