business branding & travel headshots {Andrea Bacle travel junkie/photographer}

Are you building your business and your brand? Make sure you know how to keep your finances separated between business and home life. I offer coaching services if you need help with that. Also, here’s a link for the credit card I use for all of my business purchases to keep everything straight and make life easier come tax time: Capital One.

So, have you heard the good news? I’m one year down with two to go in my doctoral program at Baylor! The best part of a Zoom meeting degree? It lets me keep up my crazy travel pace. Now, if I could just avoid the studying, reading, writing, and all-nighters, it would be really fantastic.

So, it’s January of a new year and that means I am planning out all of my travel trips for the year. Most of my shoots will be on location this year, so I thought I’d post about this one that’s been sitting in my “drafts” tab since last year.

My oh-so-gorgeous friend needed new headshots and branding images, so I packed my camera bag for Los Angeles (and Santa Monica and Marina del Rey and Venice Beach) and shot my new favorite postcards. VENICE BEACH postcard

los angeles headshotsandrea bacle photography travel headshots

andrea bacle venice ca canals

la headshots andrea bacle

los angeles cali headshots andrea bacle photographyandrea bacle photography travel headshots los angeles

santa monica post card.jpg

santa monica pier andrea bacle photog

santa monica pier andrea bacle travel photog

santa monica pier andrea bacle

My most favorite travel spot on the planet is Venice, Italy, so I made sure we went to Venice Beach in Cali, so I could see our American version of the canals (if you don’t count The Venetian in Vegas, which is also pretty fantastic). It didn’t disappoint. It’s just as darling as I hoped it would be. venice canals andrea bacle travel photographer

Not that I would ever fib (because I am old and don’t care about looking cool), but I change my hair color far too often to ever pretend this just happened. I would tell you how long ago it was, if I could remember. I’m pretty sure it was sometime in 2019. That’s the best I can give you. andrea bacle in the venice cali canals

This is my favorite pic I took of this lovely lady, and then scroll down to see what was on the cover of my in-flight magazine on the next trip I took. See? I told you I was cool.

venice canals andrea bacle travel photography

in flight mag

We made sure we had some fun in between the hard jobs of modeling and photographing. Found the best star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

hollywood walk of fame

Selfie museum. Who knew this was a thing? We’re so Hollywood. work hard play hard la

work hard play hard

Because you know I am the Queen of Obvious:

hollywood hills.jpg

Yes, I do have the best job ever. dream job.jpg

Need a gal to drive you around a cool city and take your fabulous pics? Call me. I’ll be your uberazzi any day! 508.768.5808

xo, Andrea

Finally, this post may contain affiliate links. Any purchase you make from these links will go towards helping GED-seeking students achieve their goals. Thank you.

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