twin brother and sister; almost 2 and oh-so-cute {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

I zipped on down to Houston Friday morning to meet these babies who had zipped on in from NYC last week. They were here to visit their super sweet grandparents and to get a few pictures done. (You can see Grandpa in the first pic–don’t worry, I’ve got some great ones of you two with the kiddos, but we’ll save those for the cards.) It was a gorgeous morning, so we went and explored outside.

Can you believe this red hair and blue eyes? Hello, gorgeous!
the woodlands tx family photographerMy 2-and-a-half year old boy has moved on to superheroes and trucks, but I remember the days of carrying him around the house all day long flipping light switches. Have you ever had an almost 2-year-old boy? Do you remember the days of on/off, open/closed…? Busy. This little dude was busy. He was the keeper of one switch and two doors, and he took his open/closing job seriously. I am in love with the light on his face in both of these.

the woodlands tx family photographerBrace yourself for the cuteness. The twin brother/sister handholding tops the cuteness charts. Even newborn kittens can’t compete with this.

the woodlands tx family photographer


Sweet family, I hope you had a wonderful Texas visit. Thanks for spending the morning and part of your vacation with me. I’ll have the rest ready for you soon. :)

Love, Andrea

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