little family with lots of light and love {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

Holy smokes, are you seeing these eyeballs? This little 2-year-old mini-man is as sweet as he is cute. He and I had a blast running all over Old Town Spring. He must keep his momma busy chasing after him all day long, because he didn’t want to stay in one spot for longer than 1.5 seconds (he thinks he’s two, or something).the woodlands tx family photographer christmas card pics

It’s always hard to decide which pics to post for previews when I know the family is going to use pics from the shoot for Christmas cards. So, I try to show ones that I love the most and convey the nature of the family. I love this one because I’m guessing this is a good representation of their life: little dude running by laughing with mom trying to grab him for a kiss with dad chasing to make sure he doesn’t run into the street.the woodlands tx family photographer christmas card picsFinally, I’m sort of crazy about this one. This probably isn’t one that the family would buy and put up on the wall, but I adore the light, and it was a fun moment. He is one of those kids who is so smart and mature and curious about everything, so it’s hard to get him to have a really big belly laugh (my oldest was the exact same at this age–everyone always said she looked like she was so serious and mad all the time, but she was really just checking out the world and interested in everything), so we were tickling and giggling and all having fun trying to make him laugh. It was a sweet moment.the woodlands tx family photographer christmas card picsAll right family, I’ll have the real Christmas card shots ready for you soon. Thanks for a fun afternoon in the sun. :)

Love, Andrea


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