Hello, everyone! Welcome to my new and improved blog. For my first official post, I wanted to post some of my recent favorites from the past 12 months. Enjoy!

For those of you wanting to book summer sessions, please call well in advance of when you’re wanting to do the shoot. In order to avoid some of the heat and to catch that magical light, I’m only booking sessions in the evenings this summer, so I don’t have many slots open. I make exceptions for my sweet babies, of course.

I have lots of exciting events coming up this summer: I’m teaching several “shot by momma” classes (showing hip mommies how to work their fancy cameras), I’ll have my first newborn twins session, and I’ve been asked to be a guest blogger for some cool photographer websites. Happy summer, and welcome to my new blog. :)

Love, Andrea

big sister gives newborn baby sister a kiss on the cheek

various family photographs with sunflare and backlighting

close up image of baby boys the woodlands family photographer

backyard wedding sunflare and first dance the woodlands tx

black and white maternity couple's hands and toddler ralph lauren model

various family photos fall colors and sunflowers at sunset the woodlands family photographer

african american teen model with backlighting and future grandmother with corsage at backyard wedding

red head mother and daughter playing with bubbles at sunset southshore park the woodlands

toddler model with backlighting and brothers with white background newborn baby boy older ralph lauren model brother

purple heart and bronze star award winner gets married the woodlands tx wedding

old town spring tx family of three sunflare backlighting purple haze photo

brother and sister no-laughing staring contest at sunset cypress tx

brother and sister sun flare standing on rocks at creekside park the woodlands tx senior portrait with backlighting

3-month baby boy in blue on wood chips and two-year-old with sun flare market street the woodlands

toddler boy in the sunflowers at sunset sun flare teenage girl the woodlands tx

creekside park family of four photo

Please contact me at andrea.bacle@gmail.com or call me at 508.768.5808 to see if we’d make a good photographer-client match!

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  1. andreabacle says:

    Check out my old blog at andreabaclephotography.blogspot.com for older blog posts.

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