How can I have more images in my gallery? {Texas travel photographer}

I’m not sure what there is to say about this darling family that I haven’t already said in the many posts I’ve written about them and shoots we’ve done together. But, I will say that this little dude has thrown down a serious challenge to my children for “cutest baby in Texas.” He reminds me so much of my oldest. So, since I can’t go on and on and on about how much I adore this kid, let’s talk about a double (or more) session.

In a typical full session, you’ll see 25 images in your gallery view (that session fee is $150+tax OR $125+tax for a returning client). A mini-session with me is 5 planned poses/shots–remember, those are for returning clients only. Those are $75 for the session fee. The exception to that rule is for headshots. Or, if you are able to really convince me that you’re looking for that ONE GREAT SHOT only, a new client could probably sweet talk me into scheduling a mini.

So, what’s a double session? Well, what if you want more than 25 images to choose your lovely products from? Schedule a double session. It’s your session fee + $50 for every additional set of 25 images you’d like in your gallery. For example, in this family session, here’s what pictures this lovely momma wanted, so we planned for multiple sets of 25:

  1. family shots in this very special locationdouble family sessionfamily session nacodoches txwhat is a double session
  2. heirloom chairheirloom chair first birthday picsfamily heirloom chairblack and white heirloom family chair first birthday pics
  3. cake smashcake smash nacogdochescake smash nacogdoches txcake smash nacogdoches tx dirt road
  4. bubble bathfirst year bubble bath nacogdoches txbubble bath in a field texasbubble bath first year nacogdoches txbubbles everywhere first year birthday boy
  5. some close up shots of his faceface close up first birthday boy picsface close up first birthday boy nacogdochesclose up face first birthday boy

It’s technically possible that we could have gotten that done in a full session, but it would leave only a few options per set up. So, we opted to do 75 images, so she could have lots and lots of options. I think it worked out. :)

Love, Andrea

If you’re looking for a travel photographer who will drive to Middle of Nowhere, Texas, or fly to Where Are We, Kansas, to take pics of your darling one in a bucket, call me. 508.768.5808 or

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