Mother’s Day mommy and me beach session {Galveston, TX, photographer}

When one of your fave clients requests a nursing session and leaves the location up to you? You go to the beach, of course.

The lovely momma of this little dude and I go all the way back to her engagement session. Just a wedding, pregnancy, baby, five years, and here we are–on the beach, holding one of the cutest and sweetest boys ever. I know I’m partial, but GOODNIGHT, I am a fan of this kid.  mommy and me galveston beach sessionsgalveston beach mini sessions mommy and memomma and me sessions mother's day 2018

I’m not posting any images on here, but the point of this shoot was to get some nursing shots. Despite one truck with a crew of beach maintenance dudes who gave us a wave and several thumbs up, we had practically the entire beach to ourselves for some sweet mommy-and-me bonding pics. I, of course, have no problem with some amazing mom-boobs–I could go on and on about how flippin’ amazing and miraculous and downright cool it is that moms can feed their babies FROM THEIR OWN BODIES. But, I’ll refrain. I mean, I am friends with her husband and her parents and they may not be cool with his wife’s/their daughter’s boobs on the internet, and then it’ll turn into a whole big boob thing…. galvy beach mommy and me nursing session

Ok, on the real, I don’t think anyone would care at all, but you know the drill with the 300-word-minimum for these posts, right? I mean, I can only talk about how cute this kid is for so many words.

Ugh. The way he’s holding his momma and gripping her shirt and looking at the camera and the wind in her dress and hair…I dig all of it. beach sessions one year old mommy and me galveston

Remember that weekend when everyone was going nuts about the blue water in Galveston? This was the week prior to that, and the water was rather clear and extra pretty. I think we timed it just right. mommy and baby boy pink reflections beach

Beautiful lady, I’m so glad to know you and your family and your amazing little dude. Thanks for tolerating the crazy wind for my love of beach pics. :)

Love, Andrea

Hey, people. I’m shooting in Galveston again in July. Give me a shout. 508.768.5808 or

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