baby boy baptism {Houston family event photographer}

What’s one of the best parts of my job? Definitely watching the babies grow up. Remember this handsome man? I got to see him again! I’m so glad he hasn’t lost that lovin’ feeling for me. Yes, I’m going to pretend it’s me and not the flash on my camera. :)houston baby boy baptism

You know how fun it is to walk in on a shoot, and this is what you see?? Um, heaven! I am one lucky duck.houston event photographer baptism

There are tons of cute ones with the guest of honor and all of his sweet family members who are obviously so crazy about him, so I wasn’t sure who I should include in the preview. I thought this one represented the oohing and ahhing pretty well. And those fingers? I could die. Oh, how I miss the chubby fingers on my babies. My almost-5-year-old only has two tiny fat-finger baby dimples left on each hand. Sniff. houston baby boy baptism2

Oh, I’m sorry sweet cousin. The mean people aren’t letting you eat that beautiful cake. You know if it were up to me, I’d pass it right over to you. :) Really, he was looking at me with those oh-so-beautiful big-brown-puppy-dog eyes and asking me to give him some cake. Sorry for the tease, little dude. It was hard to say no. baby-boy-baptism

Sweet family, I think you guys are the cutest. Thank you for letting me come to your insanely beautiful home for this shoot. Seriously, I think your home must be the most perfect example of simple elegance I’ve ever seen. It really was a joy to walk into it again.

I’m sure the rest of the family are ready to see all of the pics, so I’ll get them ready as soon as I can.

Love, Andrea         508.768.5808

P.S. anyone interested in booking a session, the crazy bluebonnet season is quickly approaching. I’m almost already fully booked, so if you’re thinking about booking a session, don’t hesitate.

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