back to the beach {Galveston, TX, beach family photographer}

Hey, hey, it’s March! Are you as excited as I am that summer is just around the corner? I miss my baby girl who is at school all day, so I’m super pumped that it’s almost spring break. And speaking of, it’s been about a minute since I was at the beach, so I’m ready to schedule a trip down again at some point during spring break. I know that if you see these beach pictures often enough, you’ll finally cave and book that beach session you’ve always been thinking about! Huh, huh?? You know you want to….

I am caught up on editing (um, not on business stuff: taxes, emails, thank you notes, scheduling, marketing, album ordering–does anyone ever get all caught up on that stuff? If so, PLEASE tell me your secret.), and I haven’t submitted any photos to the photo challenge in a while, so I thought I’d enter this pretty face and advertise some beach sessions at the same time.

A little about this photo: Have you ever seen me wear a flower in my hair? I do fairly often. I first started doing it after our first-ever visit to Hawaii in 2004, and I first fell in love with the culture and beauty and pretty much everything else to do with those little islands. Did you know there’s a little rule about wearing a flower in your hair? Similar to the wedding ring, if you’re married, you wear the flower on the left side. That’s why you always see my little one with her flower on her right and mine on my left. Have I told you how much this little one loves to be my mini-me–even though she really doesn’t look a thing like me. She is a spitting image of her crazy-beautiful beauty queen aunt/her daddy’s sister. I’ll still take the adoration, though. And do you recognize this dress? I think she must fall asleep every night wishing for her feet to grow so she can start wearing my shoes, too.


If I don’t see you on the beach or in a blanket of bluebonnets, have a fabulous spring break!

Love, Andrea       508.768.5808 or

P.S., here’s the link again to check out the other entries in this week’s photo challenge:

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3 Responses to back to the beach {Galveston, TX, beach family photographer}

  1. Nicole says:

    What a sweetheart! Gorgeous shot!

  2. Kesti says:

    This is so sweet!

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