first birthday full mini-session {Houston, TX, lifestyle photographer}

I just love that I’ve been shooting this family for more than three and a half years now. I went back and checked my old blog to find their first post. I so love watching all of these kiddos grow up. So, speaking of, this real life baby doll just celebrated her first birthday! What in the world have I done in the past year since her newborn shoot? Ah, that’s right. I’ve mentally been on perma-vacation. It helps that I go to Galveston once a month for a beach re-charge. So, this beautiful one turned one, and we needed the perfect shot to go on her momma’s gallery wall. Once it’s complete next year after the 2-year shoot, I’ll post a picture. A year-long wait…how’s that for anticipation?!

I love how this family always does a combo of a mini-session (because we are always looking for one specific shot for a piece of art on the wall) and a full session (because who doesn’t want an updated picture of the family and kids together?). This was one of my personal favorites, because 1. she looks like a porcelain doll and 2. I’m sure she won’t always want her fingers in her mouth, but it’s one of those precious baby looks that will one day go away forever. first birthday mini session perfect shot Here are a few of the options that may end up in the 9-block gallery wall. I think the over-the-shoulder giggle is my favorite. mini session first birthday perfect shot gallery wall

Do you follow me on Instagram? It’s more personal stuff than business, so you may not be interested, but this was one of the first pictures I ever posted. This is one of my most favorite pretty pictures, so I use it as a sample of a lovely 24×36 canvas when I donate to auctions. Cell phone photo by one of my Bacle assistants.

gallery wrap canvas sample silent auctions

Thank you, sweet family. Love y’all!

Love, Andrea

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