sunset beach family session with a little surprise announcement {Galveston, TX, family beach photographer}

Remember the beach pic I posted the other day? Well, I didn’t tell you a little secret about it…there’s a teeny tiny little bun in the oven! As a photographer, my two big nightmare scenarios: 1. Like everyone else, I’m terrified of losing images and 2. I’m almost as terrified as ruining the pregnancy surprise. So many clients will tell me when they are pregnant before they announce it to the world, and I’ve actually had a nightmare that I posted it on Facebook (I don’t know why I do doofus things in my dreams like throwing my camera in a lake, but I do, because I really enjoy waking up in a panic, apparently.), and then I ruined it. Anyway, I think I’ve asked this mom three times about it being ok to spill the beans. I think I had a dream that she said it was cool, so here it is….:)

I don’t think these expressions could have been better. destination beach lifestyle photographerHoly moly. Is the the world’s first 4-year-old supermodel? I might be slightly biased, because if arranged marriages were still a thing, she would be my future daughter-in-law, but I don’t think so. Most gorgeous face ever.
destination beach lifestyle photographerYou know that I usually love to go super light and bright, but then you miss out on the beautiful colors of the sunset and the mood, so I resisted going crazy in editing and left this one dark. I LOVE these colors.
destination beach lifestyle photographer Love the haze and the flare and the colors and the family.destination beach lifestyle photographer

Sweet family, I can’t wait to show you the rest of your crazy beautiful pictures. I hope you love these, and thanks again for my most favorite shoot ever.

Love, Andrea

Texas peeps, are you wanting your own beach pics? Galveston is my home away from home–you don’t have to ask me twice to run my little self down there for a session. Give me a shout. or 508.768.5808

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