How can I have more images in my gallery? {Texas travel photographer}

I’m not sure what there is to say about this darling family that I haven’t already said in the many posts I’ve written about them and shoots we’ve done together. But, I will say that this little dude has thrown down a serious challenge to my children for “cutest baby in Texas.” He reminds me so much of my oldest. So, since I can’t go on and on and on about how much I adore this kid, let’s talk about a double (or more) session.

In a typical full session, you’ll see 25 images in your gallery view (that session fee is $150+tax OR $125+tax for a returning client). A mini-session with me is 5 planned poses/shots–remember, those are for returning clients only. Those are $75 for the session fee. The exception to that rule is for headshots. Or, if you are able to really convince me that you’re looking for that ONE GREAT SHOT only, a new client could probably sweet talk me into scheduling a mini.

So, what’s a double session? Well, what if you want more than 25 images to choose your lovely products from? Schedule a double session. It’s your session fee + $50 for every additional set of 25 images you’d like in your gallery. For example, in this family session, here’s what pictures this lovely momma wanted, so we planned for multiple sets of 25:

  1. family shots in this very special locationdouble family sessionfamily session nacodoches txwhat is a double session
  2. heirloom chairheirloom chair first birthday picsfamily heirloom chairblack and white heirloom family chair first birthday pics
  3. cake smashcake smash nacogdochescake smash nacogdoches txcake smash nacogdoches tx dirt road
  4. bubble bathfirst year bubble bath nacogdoches txbubble bath in a field texasbubble bath first year nacogdoches txbubbles everywhere first year birthday boy
  5. some close up shots of his faceface close up first birthday boy picsface close up first birthday boy nacogdochesclose up face first birthday boy

It’s technically possible that we could have gotten that done in a full session, but it would leave only a few options per set up. So, we opted to do 75 images, so she could have lots and lots of options. I think it worked out. :)

Love, Andrea

If you’re looking for a travel photographer who will drive to Middle of Nowhere, Texas, or fly to Where Are We, Kansas, to take pics of your darling one in a bucket, call me. 508.768.5808 or

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tiny chefs at Kitchen Chick {Galveston family photographer}

You know I’ve already named myself Self-Declared Galveston Ambassador, right? I’m still deciding on if I should go with a sash or a crown….

Well, as part of my responsibilities, I get calls, emails, and texts–no kidding–from my non-Galveston friends (or their friends that they send my way) at least once a week asking me about what there is to do in Galveston: where to stay, where to eat, where to shop. You get the idea.

As I was responding to a friend of a friend who was wondering about taking her twin 3-year-olds to Pleasure Pier, I told this to the world travel expert MommyPoints (the most prolific blog post writer and winner of blogging) and she said, “Well, do you have a blog post you can send them to?” Ummm, no. I have it written down on my blog post to-do list for the past 5 years. Does that count?

So, I’m going to start to post things one at a time or as I can get to it, so I’ll have a place to point people.

First things first. You know it is critically important to me that I support small businesses,

01shop smallso the first place I want to mention is the Kitchen Chick. You can’t miss it on the corner of Market Street downtown. (2402 Market St; closed on Tuesdays)

02chick storefrontIt’s the most darling little boutique kitchen shop you’ve ever seen


with the cutest displays.cute displaysShe’s recently moved from her adorable but tiny space we first started going to when we finally ventured away from the beach and started exploring Galveston downtown to this big, beautiful space on Market Street.

It’s a great place for cool kitchen gifts:

gift ideas

How cute are these TX ice cubes? I use them for my afternoon iced coffee.

tx iceI went in on my last visit to pick up a gift certificate, and I asked about her kids’ cooking classes and camps. It turned out that we magically had this week available and I had a client waiting on me to come back for a shoot, so I booked it for my daughter. Although my little dude likes cooking, he’s not interested in moving beyond scrambled eggs at this point.

Here are a few fun shots from camp.

04classtiny chefs05classes06class info07kids classesmousseShe even has a cute table for “making” sandwiches and cookies for your littles…little brother spot…and a spot for Little Brother to sit when he’s waiting on pickup after class (and Momma to finish taking pictures). liitle bro

The best part is after class is over, your tiny chef comes out with recipes and a little taste testing. I’ll take that, thank you….

ill take thatfood

The Chick is already kind of Galveston famous (really, everyone I’ve told why we’re here this week knows you!), but if you’re from out of town and haven’t heard of this lovely shop, stop in and say hi–and support a small business, of course.


Or you might spy it from the Galveston Duck Tour (post to come on my review of that adventure):

03duck tour

Thanks, Galveston and Kitchen Chick, for another wonderful week of family memories!

happy chick

If you’re a Galveston business owner or know a Galveston shop who would be perfect for a review on here, give me a shout.

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or



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a little magic in the trees {Houston’s painted trees; family photographer}

When clients turn into friends and lifelong clients, I recommend one of two ways to take pics: 1. Set an annual date and stick to it. I usually recommend near Mother’s Day or Mom’s Birthday, because we all know that it’s Momma who wants the pictures taken. OR 2. Take me up on my mini-session offers throughout the year.

That’s what this VIP family does. They often take me up on the unique mini-shoots I offer. They pick one or two of their favorites to create gorgeous, big artwork, and they have beautiful galleries of art in their home with a wide variety of images. If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll probably recognize these littles from their mini-session at the beach.

The momma of these girls loves trees, so she just whipped up some dresses to match the scene.

Here’s her Instagram info, if you want to follow all of the fun things she makes; she also has an Etsy shop. R, do you want to advertise it? Feel free to link it in the comments.

Remember 5 years ago when they were royal blue? This year, two patches are painted: lime green and baby blue.

houston's painted trees 2018

This was like stepping into a real-life Alice in Wonderland moment. The girls were laughing and twirling, the petals were falling, the sun couldn’t have been more beautiful, and we had such a blast. green trees houston memorial waugh drive 2018houston green trees waugh memorial drive 2018green trees houston memorial waugh 2018waugh memorial drive houston painted trees 2018green trees houston cloverleaf memorial waugh 2018

Here’s a post-shoot pic of my little one that I recreated from five years ago: jumping green trees

Sweet family, it was so great to see you again. We just upgraded B’s bike and she asked if she could give her old one to your girls. :)

I hope you love these. Until the next session….

Love, Andrea

For anyone wanting your own session in the trees, the paint won’t last forever, so don’t wait. or 508.768.5808

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balancing act at the disco {Discovery Green, Houston, TX, photographer}

Hey, hey, party people! How’s life these days? I’ve shared it on Facebook, but I never posted here: I was lucky enough to be featured on Voyage Houston recently as…I’m not totally sure. Photographer? Coach for business women? Overall groovy chick? I’m not sure, but it was fun and cute, and I love all things Houston. :) Here’s the link–the first pic with me and my dancing little was taken by the oh-so-lovely Stefanie of

So, when one of my favorite former brides called and asked for her own fun pics for her own fun feature, I jumped at the opportunity! I’m so excited to share these pics of my cutie pie friend Kelly of She wanted a colorful, Houston-y background, so I offered up several options, and she picked Discovery Green for her background.

**For you lovely photographers scouting locations, there is a $10 fee for shooting there. It takes less than a minute to submit and pay online. It’s worth it, because it’s such a great park for taking pics–tons of options.

Kelly is a super fabulous chef/cake baker extraordinaire; I’m sharing her info here, but I’m sure she gets booked up fast and just recently switched to weddings only. If you’re wanting a cake, don’t wait to book!

So, if you’re wondering why she is decorated in disco lights, you’ll have to keep scrolling….kelly disco lights

…and yes, she made that cake. voyage houston kelly q

kelly q andrea bacle houston voyageI spy with my little eye–a disco cake stand! I mean–the coolest, right?!discovery green kelly q cake balancingdiscovery green andrea bacle photography cake with disco standblack and white kelly q holding cake discovery green

A BOSS BABE with a whisk. Can’t beat it. <– ;)voyage houston andrea bacle kelly q

My lovely, you are as gorgeous and as sweet as ever. I’m going to pretend it hasn’t been 5 years since your wedding, because that would mean we are getting middle-aged–just kidding, that’s just me. Thanks for a fun shoot!

Love, Andrea

Friends, I hope you are having the most fabulous summer ever. Call me with all of the fun photo ideas. xoxo or 508.768.5808

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Mother’s Day mommy and me beach session {Galveston, TX, photographer}

When one of your fave clients requests a nursing session and leaves the location up to you? You go to the beach, of course.

The lovely momma of this little dude and I go all the way back to her engagement session. Just a wedding, pregnancy, baby, five years, and here we are–on the beach, holding one of the cutest and sweetest boys ever. I know I’m partial, but GOODNIGHT, I am a fan of this kid.  mommy and me galveston beach sessionsgalveston beach mini sessions mommy and memomma and me sessions mother's day 2018

I’m not posting any images on here, but the point of this shoot was to get some nursing shots. Despite one truck with a crew of beach maintenance dudes who gave us a wave and several thumbs up, we had practically the entire beach to ourselves for some sweet mommy-and-me bonding pics. I, of course, have no problem with some amazing mom-boobs–I could go on and on about how flippin’ amazing and miraculous and downright cool it is that moms can feed their babies FROM THEIR OWN BODIES. But, I’ll refrain. I mean, I am friends with her husband and her parents and they may not be cool with his wife’s/their daughter’s boobs on the internet, and then it’ll turn into a whole big boob thing…. galvy beach mommy and me nursing session

Ok, on the real, I don’t think anyone would care at all, but you know the drill with the 300-word-minimum for these posts, right? I mean, I can only talk about how cute this kid is for so many words.

Ugh. The way he’s holding his momma and gripping her shirt and looking at the camera and the wind in her dress and hair…I dig all of it. beach sessions one year old mommy and me galveston

Remember that weekend when everyone was going nuts about the blue water in Galveston? This was the week prior to that, and the water was rather clear and extra pretty. I think we timed it just right. mommy and baby boy pink reflections beach

Beautiful lady, I’m so glad to know you and your family and your amazing little dude. Thanks for tolerating the crazy wind for my love of beach pics. :)

Love, Andrea

Hey, people. I’m shooting in Galveston again in July. Give me a shout. 508.768.5808 or

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hurricane baby, part one {travel portrait photographer}

So many people have been posting their #2017bestnine pics this week and especially yesterday. I would say that it’s got me thinking a lot about my photos throughout the year, but there’s really only one that I can’t get off my mind. This baby boy:

andrea bacle newborn session after the hurricane

I haven’t posted about this session, because it’s so…much. It’s everything. It’s sad, it’s uplifting, it’s heartbreaking, it’s inspiring. For me, it was life changing.

I’ve delayed this because

  1. I needed to make sure I had permission from Courtney, the mom of this precious boy.
  2. I haven’t had the time to give it a proper write up. I couldn’t hurry this.
  3. Every time I started to think about what to write, the blogging narcissist in me would relate it back to my life, and it’s so not about me. But, it is my blog and my life as a photographer and mom and woman, so I’d ask myself if it’s ok to connect it to myself.
  4. It’s sad. I’m a happy girl. Isn’t it easier to turn away from the hard stuff? But isn’t that what’s real? Aren’t we all a little sick of the fakeness of social media? The faux happiness? When is it ok to talk about what makes us sad?

So then I finally realized that I HAVE to write about it. Before this shoot, the emotionally hardest thing I’ve done in my life was to say these words

“On behalf of the President of the United States, the United States Air Force, and a grateful nation, please accept this flag as a symbol of our appreciation for your loved one’s honorable and faithful service.”

as I presented the flag to the crying mother of one of my favorite Airmen who died with his wife en route to their new base and new life while I was his commander.

Life goes on and nothing ever stops, and I was so busy with work that I never made the time to even think about it. I never talked about it with anyone and never properly grieved or processed it. So when did it all come out? At my final farewell speech in front of all the high-ranking dudes when I was separating from the Air Force and my Airman’s uncle came and delivered a beautiful necklace to me from his mother. Yep, I lost it. No military bearing for me.

After, my husband said, “What was that all about? You never cry.”

Fast forward to when I went to see my reflexologist the other day (you know I’m hippie-dippie-baloney with my health stuff), she said, there’s something weighing on your heart on your male side, and I knew exactly what it was. I haven’t really talked about this baby boy, and it’s been rolling around my head (and my heart) since the hurricane.

So, are you in? Want to hear the whole story? Step 1. Listen to this podcast. It’s Courtney’s story about her journey with her son.

(Yeah, yeah, it’s an hour long. But, so what? I know you’re in the car for that long at some point in the day anyway. Listen to the first half in the morning, and then you’ll be excited about your drive home in the evening or the next day in car rider line or wherever.)

Step 2. I’ll post my side next.

Love, Andrea


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tiny Christmas baby {Woodforest newborn photographer}

I love it when a client gives me an idea of her vision and we can run with it. Props. Recreating moments. A series of moments. However, my number-one-will-always-be-my-favorite newborn shot is the one of the birthday suit on a white blanket. What a perfect image to post the day before we start a brand new year. So squishy and sweet and only this little for this day. facebook last newborn session andrea bacleThis little Christmas elf wasn’t supposed to be born until 2018. Little did everyone know, he wanted to have his first Christmas this year. He needed a little extra love in the hospital because he came so early, but he was home just in time for his first Christmas with all of the many people who love him. For his shoot, since he didn’t complain, mom and I posed him in a stocking, with milk and cookies, in front of the tree…all the good stuff. He is a Christmas baby after all. woodforest christmas baby andrea bacle newbornsThe very coolest part about him coming early (besides being the best Christmas present ever) is that he came on mom and dad’s anniversary. What a wonderful reminder that he’ll have every year–that he came from love. woodforest christmas baby andrea bacle newborns anniversary birthdateAnd this little sneaky smile? Loooove. I am pretty sure he’s going to be the coolest kid ever. anniversary newborn baby boy woodforest

One of my faves:newborn baby simple white blanket the woodlands tx

Little peanut and family, thank you for a fun and relaxing shoot. I hope you love these and had the best Christmas day together snuggled in front of the fire and loving your new family. andrea bacle woodforest montgomery tx newborn

I can’t wait to show you the rest, and I hope you have the best New Year’s Eve and an exciting 2018!

Love, Andrea

Dear readers, I am already fully booked for pictures through March. If you’re interested in a session, call soon. I am taking on more and more coaching clients through my Shoot with Passion™ coaching program. If you know a photographer or someone who has been thinking about starting a photography business and you think we’d be a good fit for coaching, please send her my way. If she signs up for coaching with me, you’ll get a $250 credit towards a photo session (referral offer good through the end of January). xoxo

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#pictureswithTiffany {The Woodlands T&Co event photographer}

Hello, holidays! I’m usually a little grinch-y this time of year, but remember last year when I suggested we upgrade #pictureswithSanta to #pictureswithTiffany? I think I totally made it a thing, which helps make me a little more into it. I mean, I can always get on board with fancy.

Headquarters T&Co, I am happy to be paid in jewelry. OBVI.

I had several families sign up for my event (I’ll probably combine the rest of them into one post, so I can get the images ready for everyone faster) at The Woodlands Tiffany and Co. store, and we had a blast! I think the last time you saw these two dudes was two years and one little sister ago.

andrea bacle at tiffanypictures with tiffany andrea bacle 2017

Look who has joined the crew! I know how we all always talk about life moving so quickly, but it never ceases to amaze me when I haven’t seen a client since she’s brought a whole new human being onto the planet. pictures with tiffany andrea bacle

This one’s a keeper. pictures with tiffany the woodlands 2017

She was all over that Tiffany merch: bears, ornaments, little-blue-box-with-white-bows cookies….
She gets it. pictures with tiffany the woodlands

Sweet family, thanks for such a fun shoot! Your prints are just gorgeous. I hope you’ll use them as part of your holiday decorations every year–that’s when I display mine.

I don’t have a date set for this year yet, but as soon as I get it from the store, I’ll pass it on. In the meantime, if you want to make sure you get on the VIP list, email me and let me know. Last year, we filled up pretty quickly.

Love, Andrea

working girl tiffany

508.768.5808 or

You can always follow me on Instagram for any exciting updates or news. Some of the stuff on there is boring ol’ life stuff, but I’m ALWAYS going to announce fun and fancy events like #pictureswithTiffany on there. I’m also always looking for another reason to create a new hashtag, too. This year? #fancypantsChristmas? #deckthehallsatT&Co?


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Thanksgiving sessions are open! {greater Houston area photographer}

So, it turns out that instead of working and scheduling sessions during the month of October, I decided to watch non-stop baseball instead.

Whoops! I blame the Astros.

Because I kinda sorta took that month off, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I cancelled our family Steamboat Springs Thanksgiving trip.

Ok, my little dude needs one more year before I think he’s going to be willing to attempt skiing; I don’t want to scare him and ruin all future snowy, ski trips.

**One time I forced him to eat peas, and now “I can’t eat peas because they make me lolligag.” I don’t know if I’ll ever correct him on this. It’s my favorite.

But now I’m quite certain that he’ll never eat peas again for the rest of his life.

So that means the good news is that I now have an entire week available to do your shoots, you people who were distracted by baseball, too.


Don’t wait. Go online and pay for a session using this link, or contact me as soon as you can to book your spot.

Or, let’s schedule a New Year’s session. :)

And now you’re starting to understand why I only send out Valentine’s Day cards….

Love, Andrea

PS, Some people have been asking about mini-sessions. Yes, I definitely offer mini-sessions for my returning clients. I wrote up a little blog post about what those are with me a while back. If you are thinking about a mini instead of a full, check out the info here.—–>What is a mini-session with ABP?

PPS, If you haven’t checked the blog in awhile, I want to give a shout out to my friend Ashley, who is a personal stylist and will help you style the whole family for your session. This is great for those of you who haven’t booked sessions yet because you haven’t been able to figure out what you want to wear. You know who you are. ;) xoxo

508.768.5808 or


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in love on the beach {Galveston travel photographer}

What’s the recipe for your happiness? Do you know it? Are you living it every day or at least as often as possible? If not, giiiiirrrrrl, life is too short. Get on it.

The recipe for my happiness:

  1. Get me on the beach
  2. Make it sunset
  3. Show me a woman in love

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman happy in love.a woman in love on the beach

I get asked all the time about why I book so many travel gigs (because it is tricky with two small kids). I’ll tell you. There was one holiday season when I had at least 10 sessions in a row where somebody cried. The baby, the toddler, the mom, the dog…. I walked away from a particularly stressful session (I really, really try to make them as low-stress as possible) super bummed. I’m an educator and lover of all things–how am I in a job that’s causing stress instead of joy? How am I in a job that might make kids cry? The next day, I was on the beach. I was walking, and I thought: this is where I want to be. This is my happy place. How can I combine these two things?

And that’s how a “fancy travel photographer” was born. galveston beach couple in love in front of pleasure pier

Really. Who can be stressed under a pier having a little moment with your gorgeous woman??galveston beach couple in love under the pier

And sheesh. If there’s anything that can lower my blood pressure, it’s all of this beauty. Warm, windy, salty air and a sunset=happy place. galveston beach photographer

The next best part is the story. As we’re walking and talking, I love to find out a couple’s story. Also, the more you can tell me before the session, the better. These cuties wanted more of a candid/less posey-posed session, so I brought a longer lens to make it feel less intrusive.

pleasure pier couple in love on jettyhand in hand galveston beach sunsetThis particular shot was an inside joke and recreation of a photo they already have. You know I love that!galveston meets american gothic

galveston beach couple in love

Want to know how to style a beach shoot? This, right here:how to style your couples beach shoot

My lovely peeps, I had a blast with you and your sweet pup. Thank you for trusting me to catch these moments that will last forever. hand in hand galveston beach with fur baby

Fellow beach lovers, I have four spots available in Galveston through the end of the year. Let’s chat. xoxo

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or

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