Planning the 1st and 8th parties {Preemie Prints volunteer photographer}

Raise your hand if you’re excited for the weekend! I am. I can’t tell you how much I love getting my kids back on Friday afternoons. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be able to write a blog post and drink non-re-microwaved coffee while listening to the unclean Chance the Rapper songs in my jammies in my clean, quiet house. HOWEVER, I would take the chaos of toys covering every square inch of the floor and Kidz Bop songs and short-order-cook requests all day long.

I mentor photog moms (Have we talked about my coaching/mentoring program? More to come on that.) who often think they’ll have all the time in the world to work once the kids are occupied all day at school. I remember telling my friends this very thing last summer. But my point of all this is to say: don’t wish the days away. If you’re in the thick of it and all you can think is, “Once I get these kids to school, life will be easier.” Yes, it will totally be easier and cleaner and quieter. But, it will be a little less joyful in the middle of the day. The best part is that the quality of the time you spend together is that much more appreciated and rich with love and gratitude.

On to this picture, which is like a lovely sun-flare-covered dagger straight to my heart. This could be a photo of my baby girl. It’s like an instant flashback to when she was 8 months old and looked exactly like this. My son even saw it and asked if it was his sister. But she’s not 8 months old. I am about to start planning her 8th YEAR party.


Did I say 8?! The first year of her life was the absolute longest of my life, and now in a blink, she’s almost 8. How can it be?

So this sweet baby girl is not mine. :) She’s one of a pair–my latest set of Preemie Prints twins. If you haven’t heard of them, please check out their blog. I volunteer with them regularly.

And here’s her brother. Good night, this dude is photogenic. He can’t take a bad picture. I love the juxtaposition of the moody, dark background and his handsome, almost smile…with tiny cake crumbs on his forehead and nose.

Overalls, cakes, wagons…what a fun shoot. Sweet family, I hope you have such a fun first birthday party with these two. And take lots of pictures! You’ll be planning the 8th party before you know it.

Love, Andrea

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senior sesh in Lovelady, Tex

Have we talked about senior portraits before?

Ok, shhhh. I’m about to tell you a secret about the thing with me and seniors.

In real life? I love them. I used to teach high school math, I’m the second-in-command for Harvard’s college fairs for the greater Houston area, and I interview 8-10 seniors applying to Harvard every year. That’s my educational zone. I am so excited for kids about to graduate high school, headed out into the great big world.

In photography life? Kinda boring.

Yep, I said it. When it comes to taking pictures, seniors actually do what I ask them to do. Huh?? I LOVE the controlled chaos of toddlers acting like crazy (and fun) maniacs running around a beach and seeing amazed looks on kids’ faces when we find a frog or see the fish at The Waterway. I love the challenge of chasing them around and trying to get genuine smiles from them with my fake sneezes or knock-knock jokes.

I remember when I had one of my first official senior shoots, and I suggested she stand under the tree or sit on a rock, and she happily did it. Um, excuse me? My expectation was that she’d shriek and ask for bubbles.

So, all this is to say that I am very picky with the lovelies I agree to do senior portraits with. For all the ones I’ve shot, I’ve already had a previous relationship with them. Most have been clients that I’ve been shooting and they are finally old enough for senior portraits. I met this gorgeous young lady last summer when I taught her photography and Photoshop at UT for a week-long camp. She is a doll, and when she asked me to drive up to Lovelady to shoot her, I was sooo excited! If you know a teacher, you know there’s nothing more exciting than getting to see a former student she loved.

So, we had a blast. The sun was full up in the sky, but that’s what she wanted. She knows she has a sunny personality, and she wanted it really sunny.

window light senior portraits

Of course I saw this boat and asked if we could put it in the water. When she told me there were lots of snakes under it….”Uh, want to sit on top??”lovelady family land senior upside down boat

Oh, y’know–just driving around on a gator in your graduation gown.lovelady family land senior session

This tree is in front of their house, so I wanted to make sure she’d always be able to see it, even when she’s far from home. family setting lovely senior portraitsbook outside harry potter senior session

burnt wood orange ut senior portraits

ut senior portraits lovelady tx

Sweet girl, I’m so, so excited for you. I know you’ll love Austin and every minute of school. Thank you for asking me to take these for you. I really hope you had a great time, because I did!

Love, Andrea

Future clients, if we do schedule a senior session, be prepared for me to pepper you with gajillions of questions about what your plans are for school, work, life…and then we’ll take a few pics. :)

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Beachtown Village family mini-session {Galveston, Texas beach photographer}

Hey, party people! Are you counting down the days to summer yet? This summer is going to be the best yet for us. It’s going to be a rotating door of packing and unpacking and shaking the sand out of our shorts, if I have anything to say about it. My 6 year old little dude (as of right now) says he wants to be a surfer when he grows up. On the real? I think he might be saying that just because he knows I’d come visit him every day if he lived at the beach. He is still my momma’s baby right now. Fine with me.

So, if you have followed me for a heartbeat, you know how much I love the beach and how much I love Galveston, especially.

Of course I’d rather be in Hawaii, but Texas is pretty fantastic, and Galveston is only 90 minutes away, so we go on vacation at least once a month. And daaaaang, you can get some pretty pictures there–obviously, the most important part of a vacation. And yes, sometimes there is seaweed. But, I think it makes the picture look that much cooler.

This lovely family (my house is also a franchise of the Andrea Bacle Photography galleries I have around this state) met me at sunset at Beachtown for a mini-session so we could get that perfect family shot.

family of four session galveston beachtownfamily sesh galveston east beachgalveston family beach seshWhenever I go somewhere extra fun for kids (playground, beach, etc.), I always love to let the kids run and play after we are officially done. And this is the kind of stuff we usually get. Looooove. blog post andrea bacle at the beach

You know I’ll be up and down the Gulf Coast this summer, so let me know if you want to book a beach session for yourself.

And, my darling family, thanks for a fun and easy shoot, as always. My daughter loves your girls, by the way. She would be happy to adopt S, so she can have a baby sister. :) And thank you for trusting me enough to start later so we could get these gorgeous saturated colors and light.

Love, Andrea or 508.768.5808

P.S. Dear ABP clients, have we talked about mini-sessions before? If you’re wondering if you should schedule one, here’s a blog post to explain what they are with me: What is a mini-session with Andrea?

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Preemie Prints in the bluebonnets {The Woodlands, TX, volunteer photographer}

Hey, friends! Did you get a chance to take any bluebonnet pictures this year? There were so many great spots this season. If you are putting it on your calendar for next year, I really, really encourage you get about an hour outside of Houston towards Brenham or Austin. The beautiful fields of flowers are so worth it. This session is from my latest Preemie Prints volunteer session. We had to reschedule this little man’s session a few times, because we wanted to wait until he was able to sit up on his own. Once he could, what better place to sit a baby up than in the middle of a patch of Texas bluebonnets? Thank you, sweet family, for a fun morning!

bluebonnets preemie prints post 1bluebonnets preemie prints post 2bluebonnets preemie prints post 3bluebonnets preemie prints post 4bluebonnets preemie prints post 5

Here’s an example of a shot I took in Independence, TX, this year. If you’re thinking about bluebonnets for next year, it’s not too early to get on the calendar. :)field of bluebonnets

And here’s one of my two turkeys. I know this probably looks posed, but they really do love each other this much. I think I probably reminded them before I took this that the only thing I ask for in life is for them to pose for pictures for me.


That’s not so much to ask, is it?

independence tx bluebonnets

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or

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Rob Fleming, Creekside Park family shoot {The Woodlands family photographer}

There’s a blessing and a curse with traveling so much. The good parts are the food and the views and the culture and the hotels and condos and fancy outfits. The bad part is that it’s so easy to get behind on my blogging and previews and edits. Taking pics (the best part) is only about 10% of the job. The real work: uploading files, camera and gear prep, culling bajillions of images, blogging, posting to social media, and editing. Oh, and taxes. Bleh.

Sometimes the real issue becomes finding internet to upload everything back online.
The point of all this is that I’ve been trying to post this all week.

This was my last bluebonnet session of the season, and it’s a good example of how we can do a little bit of everything in one session if we plan for it. First, this gorgeous momma wanted pics with her three kiddos. I have to save those for the full gallery, though. :)

Next, a couple with bluebonnets.

This young man is a senior, so Momma wanted to get just a few “senior portrait” type shots for him. 

We scheduled the session for the golden hour, but the weather was a little all over the place. We had a hint of sunshine here and there, but the clouds kept coming back. The cool thing about shooting at sunset at Rob Fleming in Creekside is that you can get a little bit of sun peering through the pine trees. Sweet sisters laughing will always win over pretty sun, though.

bluebonnets creekside park

Finally, we ended with an updated headshot for this beautiful lady.

headshots creekside park

Thank you, sweet family, for a fun afternoon. I’m so glad we were able to get everything you wanted done in one shoot.

Now, please excuse my uptown-problem-whining from having no access to wi-fi, which forces me to use my phone rooftop poolside. Sah-weeeeet.

poolside work

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or



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my faux senior portraits; Red Rock Canyon Part 1 {Las Vegas travel photographer}

  1. If you know me, I hope you know I always support small businesses I love. @welcometoroyalty
  2. I am a #fashionbloggerwannabe. I love fashion, and I have a very full closet with more outfits than I have places to wear them to (which is part of the reason why I am THAT mom wearing a skirt and wedges to the grocery store). So when the hubs and I were heading to Vegas for a work/play trip, I packed 87 1/2 outfits. First, I obviously couldn’t play craps in a roulette dress or wear my Bellagio pants to the Paris. So you see my dilemma and the need to schedule three wardrobe changes each day. Once I explain myself, it makes total sense, right?
  3. Next, I want my main man to be my second shooter at weddings and events when clients need one, so I made sure we scheduled time to head out to Red Rock Canyon for a photo shoot tutorial in full sun–basically the worst light to shoot in.

My secret? Underexpose slightly and embrace the light. Wear your favorite sunglasses and find some cool shadows and make sure your model is having fun! Yes, there were about 30 people watching us, which is kind of hilarious to me that we’d be that interesting when we were surrounded by such a crazy beautiful landscape.

But, I get it. A woman posing for her senior pics when she’s really closer to being a senior citizen probably is entertaining. #smoothforeheadsareboring
How fun is this skirt?? I love it. I originally bought it to wear to the Mommy/Son dance at our school but ultimately switched to this dress. But, this skirt is far too fabulous not to have its own photoshoot, so I flew it halfway across the country for pictures. If you want one for yourself, here’s the link to the Welcome to Royalty Etsy shop.

Ready for your own “senior” shoot, ladies? Call me.

Love, Andrea

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Preemie Prints graduation session at Bevil Jarrell Bridge, Kingwood, Texas

Happy Spring, friends! How is your March going? Since I’m assuming your brackets are looking as terrible as mine, I won’t even ask. Spring Break is over, and it’s one quick blip until summer is here, so I’m quickly booking up all of my weddings and travel shoots. I will have room for a couple of bluebonnet sessions this weekend, if you’re interested.

Now, on to this cutie. She is the latest of my Preemie Prints graduation sessions. When her mom called about doing our session and told me they lived near Humble/Kingwood, I knew we had to do her session on the Bevil Jarrell bridge. I love it. (Here’s my favorite shoot from the bridge.)

blog preemie prints jarrell bridge graduation session

The momma of this little peanut did such a great job prepping. I always recommend we shoot when the crankiest family member will be happiest (although I would never suggest this sweet one would be cranky; she was a doll!). For little littles, that usually means between naps or first thing in the morning. Don’t be shy about asking me to shoot earlier in the day or change times at the last minute to adjust for a bad night’s sleep, skipped nap, etc. I would much rather get up early and get happy, smiling shots. I know she’s not smiling in this one, but she was so cute and curious and seemed genuinely happy to be out on a bridge first thing in the morning, so I love it. And since it was early and still on the winter-ish side of the calendar, we got a really cool sky in the background. blog preemie prints jarrell bridge

How cute is this sweet girl?!jarrell bridge graduation session

And, of course, we had to get some of her Irish-twin brother kissing her. blog preemie prints graduation with big brother

Thank you for a fun morning, sweet family. I’ll have your entire gallery to you soon.

Love, Andrea

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