news and no more pics–ok, not really {TX travel photog}

So, I had a lovely lady call me about doing Christmas-card pictures for her family and she said she wanted to hire me, because

“I love your humor in your blog posts, and I thought, ‘I think this girl is kind of funny.'”

Um, excuse me?! Did we just become BEST FRIENDS?!

Yup. You really get me. I’m thinking let’s just go ahead and include me in the Christmas card shot. I’ll bring a tripod.

What’s so funny is that as of November 2018, my daughter wants to be a stand-up comedienne when she grows up. Talk about trying to win over my heart (or desperately trying to win your parent’s affection). My darling, I love you already. You don’t have to get your own Netflix special to try and make me happy.

But if you get to grow up and one day host Saturday Night Live, I FULLY EXPECT to be a guest in your monologue. I don’t know, we’ll make a joke about how I’m the oldest living lady who still quotes old Will Ferrell movies, or something. Not to worry. We’ll figure it out.

Getting back on track–my point is that my 4-8ish fairly consistently loyal blog readers must get super bummed when I don’t post in a while, and I apologize.

The problem is that I’m totally out of jokes; my brain is empty. This is a sign that I have too much on my plate. I teach pre-algebra part time at our local community college, and I try to bring them back from flatlining on fractions with some silly jokes. The ones they really loved the other day were

What do you call a bunch of friends who do math together? Algebros.

What do you call a bunch of little kids who do math together? Pre-algebros.

It brought the house down.

Just kidding. Obviously. They’ve really created a little class community and have come together to give me a collective groan/eye roll combination. I’ve sort of forgotten what real laughter sounds like.

So, here’s the point and the big, big news:

I’ve been sitting on a little secret for a month. I’ve been accepted to Baylor’s Ed.D. program!! I’m over-the-moon excited.


I went to campus today to pick up my books, get my student ID, and of course…andrea at baylor2…get the sweatshirt. It’s not officially official until you go to the campus bookstore and get the sweatshirt. andrea at baylor

So, since I have

  1. momma (including maid, chef, and chauffeur services)
  2. wifey (yes, he still tolerates me)
  3. teacher (LSC and teaching photography/Photoshop classes)
  4. photographer (still traveling and shooting regularly)
  5. coach (Shoot with Passion®)
  6. volunteer (Harvard interviewer and Houston fair organizer)
  7. student (Baylor Bears!!)

on my plate, I have to give up something. I’m thinking that I am going to have to really scale back on taking pics in the new year. That being said, if you want pics, I am going to be a crazy person taking as many jobs as I can between now and January 1. I say it all the time, but if you want a shoot, don’t wait! Call now! Come January, I’m gonna say no, unless you have a really, really, really good story + lots of coffee to give me.

And, I know you’re wondering. Of course I went by the silos.


Love you, guys! xo or 508.768.5808

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missing tooth sessions {milestone photographer}


People. I’m down to one tooth.

I can hear it falling already. I can already see it. In my mind’s eye, I can visualize it falling, and I can hear the slow-motion sound of that last little tooth falling out of his head and *dink* onto the kitchen floor. That last big center tooth is the final little piece of baby-ness he has.

And it’s loose.


missing tooth sessions andrea bacle

He was not happy about it, but I made him pose for me for a two-minute shoot to document this moment in time. Ok, I may have had to pull out a crude-ish, 2nd-grade-style joke or two to get a smile, but we made it happen. missing tooth sessions

What’s your little dude’s final thing that’s baby-ish? Goodness gracious, people, get a good picture of it!

And, I know this one doesn’t even show the grin gap, but, c’mon, how could I not share this face with the world? I am guessing there is a finite time that I’m allowed to refer to him as the “most beautiful creature,” so today I will.


missing tooth sessions andrea bacle photography

Maybe I can talk him into wearing footie pajamas for me.

Lovely friends, starting in January 2019, I will be taking fewer and fewer sessions per month. I know everyone is about to begin the holiday frenzy, but it’s not too early to start looking at next year’s calendar if you are wanting some pics.

Of course, if there is a tooth emergency, just appeal to the heartbroken Momma in me, and I’ll be there.

Love, Andrea or 508.768.5808

P.S. One of the reasons I’m taking fewer photo clients is because I’m taking more coaching clients. If you are a photographer or know a photographer who needs some helping getting profitable and de-stressed, call me. I’d love to help! xoxo

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jammies sessions {Houston lifestyle family photographer}

Do you still have a little dude at home during the day? The big kids are too big for this, but do you have a little dude that wears jammies all day, still plays with Matchbox cars, and has toys in a tent in the living room? Gosh, how I miss those days. Now, I know you take lots of pictures, but have you taken any pictures? When the gorgeous momma of this little dude–

BTW, I get to meet and know the most fabulous women that are so remarkable you just can’t even believe they don’t run the universe. I’m pretty sure the momma of this dude made a cameo in B’s “Run the World.”

–when she called me to book a session and shoot this guy’s birthday party, she told me that her most favorite pic she has of him is one that was candid and unplanned. He was in between being changed and rolling around, and I was making silly noises and making him laugh and captured the sweetest little smile. That’s the one she has printed and looks at every day.

A lot of times, moms will call to schedule pics and they instantly start planning the PERFECT location with the PERFECT coordinating outfits, so they can all pose and take the PERFECT family pics.

My point is that those are great for the “Christmas card shot,” but the ones the mommas usually love the most? The candid moments that show love and laughs and happy babies. Because that’s all we really want, right?

Also, when I reminisce about times when my babies were at home all day, I remember the UNO games and cooking together and riding bikes. The posed family pics are nice, but the memories of fun times are what I cherish.

andrea bacle houston meyer par

If your babies aren’t babies anymore, surely you remember favorite pairs of jammies they wore. If you do still have a jammie-wearing little one, make sure you get a great picture. In a blink, they will be so little they will look like baby clothes.houston meyer park andrea bacle photographyjammies session in-home andrea bacle houstonjammies session in-home andrea bacle phtographyhouston family in-home photographerin-home jammies sessions andrea bacle

Family, thank you for letting me capture these precious days for you.

Love, Andrea

If you want your own “jammies session” of your littlest kiddo, give me a shout.

508.768.5808 or 


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to pose or not to pose–that is MY question {The Woodlands, TX, extended family photographer}

When you call me to book a session–

Hold up. Totally kidding. I know people don’t call. I teach pre-algebra at Lone Star College and my students know that they can call me anytime to ask any math questions. You know how hard it is to answer math questions back and forth on text?? Apparently, it’s only slightly less hard than dialing a number and calling and having a conversation. ;)

If you want to walk on the wild side and make that call, my number is 508.768.5808. I’m also happy to teach you the little jingle I made to teach it to my kids. Although, when they finally get phones (when they are teenagers and have jobs to pay for them), I’m sure they won’t call either.

Sooo, when you text or email or message me about scheduling a session, I’ll schedule a time to call back, because, girlfriend, we need to talk.

Of course, I would love to plan a consultation meeting with you in person. I am happy to come to your house, take measurements, talk about a color scheme, help you pick out outfits (this is all included in the price of your session free, b-t-dubs). However, if you’re not down with that, we–at a minimum–have to have a little convo about what you want. I need to know how to shoot. What’s your goal for these pics? Do you want a posed session? Do you want all candid shots of the kids playing? Do you want a big canvas to hang over your mantle? What size is the space? What’s the orientation? Do I shoot in portrait or landscape? So many questions!

Remember, if your littles or husband or dog are fighting you on taking pictures in the first place, if we’ve had the conversation about what you want, you can tell all those peeps that this will be a super-fast shoot. I pride myself on getting everyone out of there as soon as possible while still getting the shots you want–I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND how un-fun it can be to pose for pictures. (I seriously don’t understand how modeling is a job someone would want to have.)

Back to my point: for example, the main goal of this session was to get the extended family together to take pictures with the lovely matriarch of this group. In our consultation, we made a plan to have a green location with beautiful light, a chair for her to sit in, and everyone dressed and ready to pose, so we could keep her as comfortable as possible. And despite having 17 people + one dog, we were done with the session in less than 30 minutes! big family portraitWhen we plan for a posed session, I’ll suggest a location that gives us a variety of looks without having to travel or walk around too much (Town Green Park in The Woodlands is great for this!).posed session andrea bacleblog post andrea bacle the woodlands town greene parkcousins andrea bacle town greene parkfamily groupings examplesholiday christmas card big family picSpeaking of posing, a model is born….how to pose like a toddler the woodlands txthe woodlands town green park andrea bacletown greene park andrea bacle

Dear family, thank you for a fun and easy session. I hope you’ll cherish these pictures forever.

Love, Andrea

People, we are in the middle of the final quarter of the year, which means it’s my crazy time. I am more than happy to find a spot to take pictures of your own darling family.

Oh, and pick up the phone and call your mother. xoxo

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Why you NEED to hire an event photographer {Houston fancy party photographer}

Have you ever thrown a party? It was super easy and stress-free right?

Um, no. Not ever.

You made or bought food and cake, sent out invitations, answered all of the questions in texts and emails with answers that were CLEARLY written on the invitations, put up decorations, furiously cleaned up by shoving things in drawers around the house…you get the idea.

Please, please tell me you were a good planner and put at the top of your to-do list:

  1. HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER. If you don’t have the budget, I’ll give you two suggestions:

a. Give Uncle Joe the assignment (he’s probably reminded you already that he has a new, fancy camera) and have him work the party as your photog. It’s very important to have a plan for HOW you will get access to those pics, though.

b. Save money from something else. Skip the party favors or serve a vegetarian meal or have the party at 2pm and just serve cake. One way or another, rearrange the budget to pay someone to take pics.

Because, you know how people say that if you didn’t get a picture, it didn’t happen? I have to admit that I find that to be true for me, because if I didn’t get pics of it, there is no way I’ll ever remember it happened. You want that kiddo to remember his over-the-top super fantastic 10-year-old spiderman-themed (ok, I have no idea what 10yo dudes are into, clearly) party when he’s a teenager and claiming that you’ve never done anything for him?! Guess what? You’ll have all the evidence on photo paper. That reminds me, #printyourpics.

These pics are from the most recent event I shot: a sweet brunch honoring the newest member of one of my favorite families. When I shoot an event, I always make sure I get there a few minutes before the guests arrive, so I can get shots of all the sweet touches.

pretty little details

christening details

Lots of “pass the baby” pics:pass that baby

baby and grandpaWhether it’s a bride and groom or graduating senior or senior citizen, I always make sure I take a few pics of the guest of honor. Obviously, we’re in love. 6 month newborn christening gown curious boy6 month newborn christening gown laughing boy6 month newborn christening gown

And just when you thought they’d made the cutest boy ever, they went and did it again.brothers7074

I also love special events like this, because it’s hard to get family together, and it’s so nice to see everyone celebrating together. There’s something so sweet about cousins getting to hang out:cousins brunchcousins laughingfamily together new brother christeningfamily together

Thank you, lovely family, for allowing me to capture these special events for you. I feel so honored to do it!

Love, Andrea

People, when you’re ready to host your own special occasion, call me. xoxo

508.768.5808 or

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fun and FULL sun in H-town {family travel photographer}

I recently found my old high school scrapbook (NOT my lame calendar–to be clear), and it had a question that asked, “Where will you live in 20 years?” I wrote “Dallas, Texas!” and my husband first interviewed in Dallas when we moved from Boston, but I thought that it was sweet that my heart has always belonged in Texas.

I’m SO glad we ended up in Houston, because I LOVE IT. I really find it super-duper annoying when people (especially the ones who live here) complain about it. What’s not to love??

The weather,

Yes, I do love the weather. Don’t even try and tell me that it is as hot as hell here, because there is no heat that is as bad as having to dig your car out of ice and snow.

THAT is hell.

the people, the food, the culture, the HEBs, the sports, all the parks. Seriously, David Bacle, get on board. Not to worry, people, he doesn’t read this.

Anyway, when one of my very favorite families called for their annual pics, we came up with the idea to shoot in our favorite town: HOUSTON! They typically spend their year traveling the world, and they ended up spending their summer traveling around Texas, so we thought Houston would be a perfect spot for pics this year.abp blog post houston murals full sunI usually don’t prefer to shoot in full sun, but I thought it would be nice to change it up. We’ve often done lovely sunset/”golden hour” pics together, so I thought that super bright sun would match the fun colors of the artwork. shooting in full sun text houston muralsSo when you decide to go for a midday shoot, you’re going to have to get creative when you need some portrait-style/closeups. You’ll want to find what we call “open shade,” so you don’t have the harsh, contrasted shadows on your lovely clients’ faces. If there are “blown out” (super bright white) spots in the background, your brain will be okay with it as long as the faces look good. create or find shade for portraitsfind or create shade for portraitsfun photo shoot family of four laughinghouston mural park andrea bacle photographyhouston mural park family sessionHowever, when the landscape is part of the shot, go for the full sun! It will look great.houston mural park full bright sun andrea bacle photographyhouston murals andrea bacle photographyshooting in full sun houston murals txshooting in full sun houston muralsshooting in houston mural park full sunsuper bright sun family photo shootI had the littlest here pose for me in true full sun, because I like the background colors, but it’s also a good way to get away with changing it up from the usual look-and-smile pose. I like to use sunglasses or hats or good ol’ make-a-silly-face-for-me pose. The shadows on his face end up adding some interest, instead of being distracting. If he had a normal smile looking at the camera, the shadows would seem too harsh. tricks to shooting in full sun andrea bacle photography

Thanks for a fun shoot in Houston, family. It was great fun, as usual!

xoxo, Andrea

Call me for your own H-town shoot, full sun or not. 508.768.5808 or

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How can I have more images in my gallery? {Texas travel photographer}

I’m not sure what there is to say about this darling family that I haven’t already said in the many posts I’ve written about them and shoots we’ve done together. But, I will say that this little dude has thrown down a serious challenge to my children for “cutest baby in Texas.” He reminds me so much of my oldest. So, since I can’t go on and on and on about how much I adore this kid, let’s talk about a double (or more) session.

In a typical full session, you’ll see 25 images in your gallery view (that session fee is $150+tax OR $125+tax for a returning client). A mini-session with me is 5 planned poses/shots–remember, those are for returning clients only. Those are $75 for the session fee. The exception to that rule is for headshots. Or, if you are able to really convince me that you’re looking for that ONE GREAT SHOT only, a new client could probably sweet talk me into scheduling a mini.

So, what’s a double session? Well, what if you want more than 25 images to choose your lovely products from? Schedule a double session. It’s your session fee + $50 for every additional set of 25 images you’d like in your gallery. For example, in this family session, here’s what pictures this lovely momma wanted, so we planned for multiple sets of 25:

  1. family shots in this very special locationdouble family sessionfamily session nacodoches txwhat is a double session
  2. heirloom chairheirloom chair first birthday picsfamily heirloom chairblack and white heirloom family chair first birthday pics
  3. cake smashcake smash nacogdochescake smash nacogdoches txcake smash nacogdoches tx dirt road
  4. bubble bathfirst year bubble bath nacogdoches txbubble bath in a field texasbubble bath first year nacogdoches txbubbles everywhere first year birthday boy
  5. some close up shots of his faceface close up first birthday boy picsface close up first birthday boy nacogdochesclose up face first birthday boy

It’s technically possible that we could have gotten that done in a full session, but it would leave only a few options per set up. So, we opted to do 75 images, so she could have lots and lots of options. I think it worked out. :)

Love, Andrea

If you’re looking for a travel photographer who will drive to Middle of Nowhere, Texas, or fly to Where Are We, Kansas, to take pics of your darling one in a bucket, call me. 508.768.5808 or

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