best friends fall session {Andrea Bacle Photography}

Dang. One of the hardest parts of being a kid? When you have to move or your friends move away. We had to get this little crew of besties together before they had to say goodbye for a while.

Pro tip: When you want to schedule a photo sesh with a group of kids, the trick is to give them something to do. They don’t want to sit and smile at the camera for long, so make sure you have a plan. Bubbles, a new toy to throw around, a playground…all of these work. The trick is to not let them play with whatever your plan is before the shoot. If you’re going to have something fun to try out or play with, like a kite or frisbee or new football, don’t let them see it until the camera is ready to shoot, so you can capture the surprise and genuine smiles.

best friends session fall leaves

c and b best friends fall session

For this group, we played in the fall leaves. In Texas, we don’t have too many “play in the fall leaves” opportunities. My lovely Momma client had a few trees in her front yard that had just the right leaves, and then we timed the play date for right before sunset. They had a blast!

best friends session

cru and friends andrea bacle photography

fall leaves

andrea bacle photography best friends session

These two have a history of climbing trees together, so we had to get a good shot of them together.

best friends session andrea bacle photography

Can you tell Little Bro wasn’t interested in getting in the shot? That was as close as he was willing to get. best friends session with andrea bacle photography

best friends tree climbers

I hope these kiddos are together again some day. If not, they’ll always have these memories and pics. On another note, when you do take pics of your littles with their besties, don’t forget to print a few copies to put in their rooms and some to send to their new pen pals.

Happy fall!

xo, Andrea



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