serendipity and Bulldogs at Burroughs Park {The Woodlands family photographer}

Oh, my goodness. Don’t you love the little serendipitous parts of life? This gorgeous momma, Jaime, and I go all the way (way, waaaaay) back to my freshman year of college at Louisiana Tech when she was my first RA. Well, now maybe I’m thinking she was my second and Darla was my first?? What is 2019-1996? Oh, yeah. 23 years ago. It’s a little fuzzy. Anyway, I loved her then when she gave me good advice about this rando, third roomie my bestie and I had. This coo-coo crazy chick would get up early, get dressed and ready, and then sit on her bed with her hands folded and watch me get ready. Every—-single—-day. Anyway, Jaime told me to just start pulling pranks on her: shaving cream and sharpie on her face at night, put food coloring in her shampoo…totally kidding. Jaime is basically the nicest person in the history of people and would never, ever suggest any such nonsense. That’s what I told my girls to do when I was an RA, of course.

And I love her now that she and her precious family live the next neighborhood over. It’s just like old times when we were hall directors in the Adams and Aswell dorms next to each other. :)

In honor of our Louisiana backgrounds, I thought it would be perfect to find a spot with some beautiful Spanish moss (this is Burroughs Park for anyone looking for this location). fall colors burroughs parkfall colors burroughs park andrea bacleburroughs park fall colors

We printed these on beautiful deep matte paper–so perfect for images with fall colors. They are gorgeous.
burroughs park fall colors family of 5

Thank you, thank you for the honor of shooting your family. What a treat!

Jaime, I don’t know how you’ve managed to look exactly the same 23 years later while I’ve aged two lifetimes, but you are just as beautiful on the inside and out as ever.



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