headshots 2 years later {The Woodlands, TX, traveling headshot taker}

I just checked the archives, and it’s been two years since I’ve done a blog post about headshots. What’s funny is that last post talked all about going back to school, and guess who’s in a full-time program? Isn’t it interesting how you can put things out into the universe and then they happen?? And, yes, I did just manifest a work trip to Palm Springs next month. Try it.

What’s also interesting is how many headshots I’ve been doing lately. I’ve had at least one a month for the past six months or so. When people schedule them, I like to send examples of what I like to shoot, so that’s another reason to update with a new blog post. I always love an interesting background–I think it shows more personality and seems more modern–but I will be happy to set up a solid background for you.

Of course, it really depends on your audience. I also encourage bringing a few options for wardrobe. For women, start with wearing something that 1. makes you feel beautiful 2. shows a little of your personality. If you’re super fun and colorful, choose a top that’s fun and colorful. For men, wear something that 1. makes you feel confident 2. you feel like yourself in–if you are absolutely uncomfortable in and hate wearing a suit (but need pics in one), wear a more comfortable pair of pants, so you don’t feel so unlike yourself. It will just be head and shoulders, so go ahead and wear those basketball shorts on the bottom. It will loosen you up and make you feel more relaxed. Really. Because, honestly, who really LIKES to take headshots? I haven’t found that person yet.
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I also come to Galveston once a month if you’re down there:

galveston headshots

I am busy with school and travel shoots on weekends, but I have lots of flexibility in the middle of the work days to procrastinate from writing papers to take headshots.


Andrea      508.768.5808 or andrea.bacle@gmail.com

PS, Go Baylor Bears! :)

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