Valentine photog {The Woodlands, TX}

Speaking of love, I thought I’d dust off the cobwebs of the blog and noticed that I’ve had lots of traffic lately. So, thanks for the love and visits, despite my absence.

Let’s keep the Valentine’s Day love going with these two cuties. What would a hipster, cool chick say? Oh, yeah. Hashtag goals.

Who says valentines are just for second graders with decorated shoe boxes? Not even. When is the last time you took smoochie pics with your favorite person? Unless you’ve done a photoshoot with me, it’s probably been too long. valentines ad mini session anniversary creekside

This December when you realize you’ve waited too long to schedule Christmas card pictures, give me a call and we’ll do a sweet little Valentine’s Day shoot. It buys you an extra two months to get cards out! It’s fabulous…and I say this after not sending out valentines for the first time in years. St. Patrick’s Day? One of these years I’m going to be so far behind that I finally get back to sending Christmas cards in December–with pictures from the year before, of course. valentines ad mini session anniversary

If you’re still reading and wanting new pics, here’s the sitch: I’m back in school, because you know I’m a #supernerdforlife. This is the first time I’ve been a student + mom + business owner + coach, and it’s great, but I’ve had to pull back on taking pictures. If you want a shoot, I’m happy to do it–I just need to get it on the books as soon as possible, or I’ll be writing a paper with one hand and camera in the other at your shoot.

As of right now, March and August are fully booked. I am still available for travel pics in June and July, because you know I am not EVER gonna turn down taking pics of your family on a fabulous vacay.


Andrea   508.768.5808 or

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