Thanksgiving tradition? Family pics, of course! {Houston Thanksgiving photographer}

It’s post-Halloween/fall/November, so you know what that means: my friends are LOSING THEIR MINDS. They love all holiday things. Me? Well, you know I’m three-quarters Grinch. So, my favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Family pics, of course!

Here’s my thought on the sitch. All these people who go bananas over the holidays have invited all of their holiday-loving friends and family into town, so I think it’s the perfect time to work. Are all your out-of-town kids in town? Call me.

Even on Thanksgiving Day. Really.

Super bonus if we do a sunset session on the beach.

sunset sessions andrea bacle photographygalveston big family sessions andrea baclegalveston beach session love on the beach andrea bacle

This is my favorite of the whole session. Beach, cousins, pier, sun, and lots and lots of love and fun memories.  galveston family photographer

Sweet cousins twirling on the beach at sunset? The best!cousins twirling galveston family photographer

Galveston, TX, is so pretty–even after sunset. That pink sky will never get old to me. big family beach sessions galveston andrea bacle

The funnest part about shooting a big family on the beach is when we set the littles free. Need them to perk up and smile and laugh? Have them race toward the photographer.

One of my favorite spots to shoot in Galveston is under Murdoch’s, because I love having Pleasure Pier in the background…big family beach sessions andrea bacle

…and I love the look of the pier pylons. beach sessions andrea baclebeach sessions andrea bacle galveston

This last one has a cool purple sky because the sun was already down. If you like this look, we can start the session right at sunset, and we’ll have a colorful sky by the time we leave. after sunset galveston jetty

And for those of you worried about me missing out on turkey and pie or my own family time? Not to worry. 1. I’m a vegetarian. 2. I treat every day like a Saturday. Really, we treat every weekend like a mini-vacation, so celebrating the holidays would just be gluttonous.

Want a shoot? Call me.

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or

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1 Response to Thanksgiving tradition? Family pics, of course! {Houston Thanksgiving photographer}

  1. Tracey says:

    Alright! Galveston 2019 for us!!

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