to pose or not to pose–that is MY question {The Woodlands, TX, extended family photographer}

When you call me to book a session–

Hold up. Totally kidding. I know people don’t call. I teach pre-algebra at Lone Star College and my students know that they can call me anytime to ask any math questions. You know how hard it is to answer math questions back and forth on text?? Apparently, it’s only slightly less hard than dialing a number and calling and having a conversation. ;)

If you want to walk on the wild side and make that call, my number is 508.768.5808. I’m also happy to teach you the little jingle I made to teach it to my kids. Although, when they finally get phones (when they are teenagers and have jobs to pay for them), I’m sure they won’t call either.

Sooo, when you text or email or message me about scheduling a session, I’ll schedule a time to call back, because, girlfriend, we need to talk.

Of course, I would love to plan a consultation meeting with you in person. I am happy to come to your house, take measurements, talk about a color scheme, help you pick out outfits (this is all included in the price of your session free, b-t-dubs). However, if you’re not down with that, we–at a minimum–have to have a little convo about what you want. I need to know how to shoot. What’s your goal for these pics? Do you want a posed session? Do you want all candid shots of the kids playing? Do you want a big canvas to hang over your mantle? What size is the space? What’s the orientation? Do I shoot in portrait or landscape? So many questions!

Remember, if your littles or husband or dog are fighting you on taking pictures in the first place, if we’ve had the conversation about what you want, you can tell all those peeps that this will be a super-fast shoot. I pride myself on getting everyone out of there as soon as possible while still getting the shots you want–I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND how un-fun it can be to pose for pictures. (I seriously don’t understand how modeling is a job someone would want to have.)

Back to my point: for example, the main goal of this session was to get the extended family together to take pictures with the lovely matriarch of this group. In our consultation, we made a plan to have a green location with beautiful light, a chair for her to sit in, and everyone dressed and ready to pose, so we could keep her as comfortable as possible. And despite having 17 people + one dog, we were done with the session in less than 30 minutes! big family portraitWhen we plan for a posed session, I’ll suggest a location that gives us a variety of looks without having to travel or walk around too much (Town Green Park in The Woodlands is great for this!).posed session andrea bacleblog post andrea bacle the woodlands town greene parkcousins andrea bacle town greene parkfamily groupings examplesholiday christmas card big family picSpeaking of posing, a model is born….how to pose like a toddler the woodlands txthe woodlands town green park andrea bacletown greene park andrea bacle

Dear family, thank you for a fun and easy session. I hope you’ll cherish these pictures forever.

Love, Andrea

People, we are in the middle of the final quarter of the year, which means it’s my crazy time. I am more than happy to find a spot to take pictures of your own darling family.

Oh, and pick up the phone and call your mother. xoxo

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