Why you NEED to hire an event photographer {Houston fancy party photographer}

Have you ever thrown a party? It was super easy and stress-free right?

Um, no. Not ever.

You made or bought food and cake, sent out invitations, answered all of the questions in texts and emails with answers that were CLEARLY written on the invitations, put up decorations, furiously cleaned up by shoving things in drawers around the house…you get the idea.

Please, please tell me you were a good planner and put at the top of your to-do list:

  1. HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER. If you don’t have the budget, I’ll give you two suggestions:

a. Give Uncle Joe the assignment (he’s probably reminded you already that he has a new, fancy camera) and have him work the party as your photog. It’s very important to have a plan for HOW you will get access to those pics, though.

b. Save money from something else. Skip the party favors or serve a vegetarian meal or have the party at 2pm and just serve cake. One way or another, rearrange the budget to pay someone to take pics.

Because, you know how people say that if you didn’t get a picture, it didn’t happen? I have to admit that I find that to be true for me, because if I didn’t get pics of it, there is no way I’ll ever remember it happened. You want that kiddo to remember his over-the-top super fantastic 10-year-old spiderman-themed (ok, I have no idea what 10yo dudes are into, clearly) party when he’s a teenager and claiming that you’ve never done anything for him?! Guess what? You’ll have all the evidence on photo paper. That reminds me, #printyourpics.

These pics are from the most recent event I shot: a sweet brunch honoring the newest member of one of my favorite families. When I shoot an event, I always make sure I get there a few minutes before the guests arrive, so I can get shots of all the sweet touches.

pretty little details

christening details

Lots of “pass the baby” pics:pass that baby

baby and grandpaWhether it’s a bride and groom or graduating senior or senior citizen, I always make sure I take a few pics of the guest of honor. Obviously, we’re in love. 6 month newborn christening gown curious boy6 month newborn christening gown laughing boy6 month newborn christening gown

And just when you thought they’d made the cutest boy ever, they went and did it again.brothers7074

I also love special events like this, because it’s hard to get family together, and it’s so nice to see everyone celebrating together. There’s something so sweet about cousins getting to hang out:cousins brunchcousins laughingfamily together new brother christeningfamily together

Thank you, lovely family, for allowing me to capture these special events for you. I feel so honored to do it!

Love, Andrea

People, when you’re ready to host your own special occasion, call me. xoxo

508.768.5808 or andrea.bacle@gmail.com

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