a little magic in the trees {Houston’s painted trees; family photographer}

When clients turn into friends and lifelong clients, I recommend one of two ways to take pics: 1. Set an annual date and stick to it. I usually recommend near Mother’s Day or Mom’s Birthday, because we all know that it’s Momma who wants the pictures taken. OR 2. Take me up on my mini-session offers throughout the year.

That’s what this VIP family does. They often take me up on the unique mini-shoots I offer. They pick one or two of their favorites to create gorgeous, big artwork, and they have beautiful galleries of art in their home with a wide variety of images. If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll probably recognize these littles from their mini-session at the beach.

The momma of these girls loves trees, so she just whipped up some dresses to match the scene.

Here’s her Instagram info, if you want to follow all of the fun things she makes; she also has an Etsy shop. R, do you want to advertise it? Feel free to link it in the comments.


Remember 5 years ago when they were royal blue? This year, two patches are painted: lime green and baby blue.

houston's painted trees 2018

This was like stepping into a real-life Alice in Wonderland moment. The girls were laughing and twirling, the petals were falling, the sun couldn’t have been more beautiful, and we had such a blast. green trees houston memorial waugh drive 2018houston green trees waugh memorial drive 2018green trees houston memorial waugh 2018waugh memorial drive houston painted trees 2018green trees houston cloverleaf memorial waugh 2018

Here’s a post-shoot pic of my little one that I recreated from five years ago: http://thebacles.blogspot.com/bluetreesb jumping green trees

Sweet family, it was so great to see you again. We just upgraded B’s bike and she asked if she could give her old one to your girls. :)

I hope you love these. Until the next session….

Love, Andrea

For anyone wanting your own session in the trees, the paint won’t last forever, so don’t wait. andrea.bacle@gmail.com or 508.768.5808

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