balancing act at the disco {Discovery Green, Houston, TX, photographer}

Hey, hey, party people! How’s life these days? I’ve shared it on Facebook, but I never posted here: I was lucky enough to be featured on Voyage Houston recently as…I’m not totally sure. Photographer? Coach for business women? Overall groovy chick? I’m not sure, but it was fun and cute, and I love all things Houston. :) Here’s the link–the first pic with me and my dancing little was taken by the oh-so-lovely Stefanie of

So, when one of my favorite former brides called and asked for her own fun pics for her own fun feature, I jumped at the opportunity! I’m so excited to share these pics of my cutie pie friend Kelly of She wanted a colorful, Houston-y background, so I offered up several options, and she picked Discovery Green for her background.

**For you lovely photographers scouting locations, there is a $10 fee for shooting there. It takes less than a minute to submit and pay online. It’s worth it, because it’s such a great park for taking pics–tons of options.

Kelly is a super fabulous chef/cake baker extraordinaire; I’m sharing her info here, but I’m sure she gets booked up fast and just recently switched to weddings only. If you’re wanting a cake, don’t wait to book!

So, if you’re wondering why she is decorated in disco lights, you’ll have to keep scrolling….kelly disco lights

…and yes, she made that cake. voyage houston kelly q

kelly q andrea bacle houston voyageI spy with my little eye–a disco cake stand! I mean–the coolest, right?!discovery green kelly q cake balancingdiscovery green andrea bacle photography cake with disco standblack and white kelly q holding cake discovery green

A BOSS BABE with a whisk. Can’t beat it. <– ;)voyage houston andrea bacle kelly q

My lovely, you are as gorgeous and as sweet as ever. I’m going to pretend it hasn’t been 5 years since your wedding, because that would mean we are getting middle-aged–just kidding, that’s just me. Thanks for a fun shoot!

Love, Andrea

Friends, I hope you are having the most fabulous summer ever. Call me with all of the fun photo ideas. xoxo or 508.768.5808

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