#pictureswithTiffany {The Woodlands T&Co event photographer}

Hello, holidays! I’m usually a little grinch-y this time of year, but remember last year when I suggested we upgrade #pictureswithSanta to #pictureswithTiffany? I think I totally made it a thing, which helps make me a little more into it. I mean, I can always get on board with fancy.

Headquarters T&Co, I am happy to be paid in jewelry. OBVI.

I had several families sign up for my event (I’ll probably combine the rest of them into one post, so I can get the images ready for everyone faster) at The Woodlands Tiffany and Co. store, and we had a blast! I think the last time you saw these two dudes was two years and one little sister ago. https://andreabaclephotography.com/brenham

andrea bacle at tiffanypictures with tiffany andrea bacle 2017

Look who has joined the crew! I know how we all always talk about life moving so quickly, but it never ceases to amaze me when I haven’t seen a client since she’s brought a whole new human being onto the planet. pictures with tiffany andrea bacle

This one’s a keeper. pictures with tiffany the woodlands 2017

She was all over that Tiffany merch: bears, ornaments, little-blue-box-with-white-bows cookies….
She gets it. pictures with tiffany the woodlands

Sweet family, thanks for such a fun shoot! Your prints are just gorgeous. I hope you’ll use them as part of your holiday decorations every year–that’s when I display mine.

I don’t have a date set for this year yet, but as soon as I get it from the store, I’ll pass it on. In the meantime, if you want to make sure you get on the VIP list, email me and let me know. Last year, we filled up pretty quickly.

Love, Andrea

working girl tiffany

508.768.5808 or andrea.bacle@gmail.com

You can always follow me on Instagram for any exciting updates or news. Some of the stuff on there is boring ol’ life stuff, but I’m ALWAYS going to announce fun and fancy events like #pictureswithTiffany on there. I’m also always looking for another reason to create a new hashtag, too. This year? #fancypantsChristmas? #deckthehallsatT&Co?


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