Part 2 {new hashtags, hot mommas for a day, and you can call me Ludacris}

Ok, where was I? I can’t ever finish a sentence, so it makes total sense that I can’t finish a full series of blog posts. I’m not sure why you’re surprised, really.

Stephen King addresses his many, many loyal fans as “Constant Reader” when he talks to them directly about a story. What’s funny is that I could probably use the same term since I really have ONE constant reader (I’ll give you a hint: she gave birth to me), but I will go ahead and link to what I’m talking about, here:

AKA “Just when I thought I had done the coolest job ever, this little lady ups my game” 

By the way, I’m SUPER cool with having such a small following. I often joke about Facebook constantly sending me the message of “Congratulations! You have almost 500 followers to Andrea Bacle Photography!” I laugh because, no kidding, I’ve had almost 500 followers for YEARS now. But, guess what?? I have all the business I can handle.

I mean, I’m swamped.

But that’s my business model. Most of my clients that bring in 90% of my revenue aren’t even on Facebook, at least as far as I know. So then how do I get so many clients and so much work? Well, if you want the answer to that secret sauce, you have to sign up with business coaching with me or at least join my Facebook group of brilliant ladies. <– You see what I did there? Winky face.

So, why blog?

  1. My mom doesn’t get the paper any more, so she needs something to read.
  2. I do need somewhere to send people when they want to see samples of what I do since they aren’t on Facebook.
  3. I love this digital version of a scrapbook. When those two Bacle babies left my body, I swear they lassoed the memory cells in my brain with their umbilical cords and took them with them on the way out. If I don’t write it down, it never happened in my memory. Sometimes people get upset when I can’t remember their information, former shoots, kids’ names, dogs’ names. Hey, people. Please direct your anger to where it should go: at my children.

Whew. Back to the point. When Mommy Points sent me a text one day that she needed new headshots, I said, “You know what would be awesome? If we did them on one of those fancy pants private jets.” I was immediately envisioning Fergie’s “Glamorous” video, and clearly I am Ludacris in this scenario. Dreams can come true.

So when I turned on my phone one July morning and found this….

01text to go

I packed my bags and became a squatter at the airport. I wasn’t going miss that flight. 02airport squatter

Yes, that’s our jet!! We were both really trying not to wig out and act cool in front of the fancy people who do this all the time. 03blog post is this the real life private jet plane houston

How cute is she Facetiming with her kiddos? In case you’ve forgotten: in real life, we are moms. But every once in awhile, we like to play dress-up, too. 04hobby airport private jet terminal05hobby airport private plane terminal

mommy points showing her family

Glamorous, for sure. 07houston airport private jet portraits

Oh, you know. Just two stay-at-home-work-from-home-moms-who-work-their-butts-off-in-between-taking-care-of-other-people’s-butts hot ladies walking to their private jet!photo by summer mommy points

Yes. I discovered a whole new world of hashtags that day. trying out some new hashtags

Part three coming…before 2017 is over. That’s all I can promise.

Love, Andrea

PS, I would totally be willing to come up with some more fancy hashtags for your own fancy photoshoot. Call me. 508.768.5808

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2 Responses to Part 2 {new hashtags, hot mommas for a day, and you can call me Ludacris}

  1. Mariam Safoora 💠 says:

    You’re funny! Way to go! 😊

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