bestie beach sesh {Texas beach photographer}

People. Get ready to scroll…and scroll and scroll. I did my very best to narrow this down to a manageable number of pics to show, but I couldn’t delete any more. They are too cute and beautiful and special.

These two girls were practically inseparable this summer. They went everywhere together. So, instead of taking the kids to our annual it’s-the-last-week-before-school-starts-so-let’s-squeeze-in-one-more-trip-to-Florida trip, we went to good ol’ Galveston. Because we love it. Because we love the food. Because we love the views. And–most importantly, duh–I love the photo opportunities. bestie beach sessions01bestie beach sessions02

I thought it would be sweet to have a photo shoot dedicated to them and their sweet friendship this year. Who was your bestie when you were 8? Do you have any pictures with her? best friends galveston beach02best friends galveston beach01

Of course, they didn’t mind getting wet and sandy for me. bestie beach sesh02bestie beach sesh01best friends holding hands galveston beach01best friends galveston beach03best friends beach session galvy

Then B says, “Can we do that thing where we flip our hair up?” How does she even know that’s a thing??silly girls best friends galveston txbestie beach sesh galveston beachgalveston beach beste friends01galveston beach best friends02galveston beach best friends01beach session with your bestie texasbest friends galveston beach04

They had just gone to get pedicures the week before as a birthday treat, so I had to make sure I got that. Matching colors, of friends beach session galvy tx

This one is my daughter’s favorite. How will I ever decide which ones to print?? I’m thinking I might have to make an album just for this beautiful session. It would be a good way to wrap up our frickin’ fantastic summer of fun and sun. galveston beach best friend session01

What about a “bestie beach sesh” for your kiddos? Half of the beauty of living in Texas is that we can go to the beach year-round, and it’s almost always warm enough to get in the water to play.

I have some October dates open for Galveston if you’d like to book. But, what do your kids and their best friends like to do? It would be fun to document what they’re into right now, because–don’t you know–it will be gone before you know it.

Call me. xoxo

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or


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