Part 1 of my wannabe-rockstar-lifestyle shoot on a jet {lifestyle travel portraiture}

This lovely post has been in draft form since July 26th. You might think, “Oh, yeah. Isn’t that her kid’s birthday?” Fine, yes. But, NO. That was the day this little wannabe-cool-chick got to take a private jet and become a really-real-pinch-me-this-is-my-job travel photographer. I know. I still don’t believe it either.

First, the backstory. Once upon a time, the Bacles went to Paris.

little assistant

And Germany and Rome and Milan and Nice and Venice.

year of travel

What are these pics, you ask? These are evidence that back in the day, we used to do some COOL stuff.

And when I say back in the day, we took these on film (and not in the one-gear-bicycle-riding hipster way–the old person way).

We took at 6-year-ish break to raise these babies up, and then we started back up. In the meantime, I met my travelling, kindred spirit sister….

Really. This was on her Insta stories the other day, and this is my daily conundrum:

summer's story

She is my lovely friend Summer (aka MommyPoints), the rockstar-of-all-travelling; we met when we moved to Texas and joined something my formerly cool self never even knew existed: a mommy group.

I’m not sure exactly when I met this lovely lady, but this 2011 pic is the earliest photographic evidence I can find. (Sidenote: I love how this horse is posing for the camera and that the picture I find of my most fabulous friend is this hilarious one. Sorry, Summer, but you know I’m always gonna go for the laugh.)

summer and horse

So, when she was building her crazy-amazing-rockstar-travel-points brand…

**Pause. If you are at all interested in the travelling and points and miles world, head over to her blog. She has SOOO many great posts and advice on how to travel efficiently/safely/on a budget/using points/you name it. If you’re new to that world, she has a great beginner’s guide post: beginner’s guide. Also, she’s very modest and humble and would probably not want me to brag on her so much, but it’s my blog and I’ll brag if I want to.

…I would say things like, “I know you must not believe this, but I used to travel. I’ve got the travel bug, and one day when these babies are done nursing and out of diapers and probably 18 years old….”

I think I had her finally convinced that I’m serious about travelling as often as I can, so fast forward to this text I got at the beginning of the summer. (Is it bad that I haven’t updated her contact info in 6 years? Whoops.)

first text


By the way, she has inspired me to blog more often, so I’m breaking this into two (or three) posts and will put them up later in the week.

Stay tuned.

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or

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3 Responses to Part 1 of my wannabe-rockstar-lifestyle shoot on a jet {lifestyle travel portraiture}

  1. Summer says:

    Can’t believe I didn’t see this until now – I looooooove it. Funny fact, a picture from that farm trip was actually my blog’s first header for a few months. It had less than nothing to do with travel, but it was what I had. Of course I didn’t think anyone would ever seen it anyway. I love that you are back into a phase when you can travel..and that we sort of are too!! Look forward to another adventure with you!

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