before and after pics–a little Photoshop magic {Shoot with Passion™ photography coach}

Whew! We made it through summer. Did you have the best one yet? That was our goal, for sure. Are you still catching your breath? All unpacked from all of your adventures? Here’s the real question: Have you downloaded all your pics from your camera yet?? Have you been going through your summer pics and realize some of your shots need a little Photoshop magic?

  1. If you need something in particular edited, I am available for outsourcing.


2. Sign up for one of my “Shot by Momma” classes! There are three options:

  • A camera workshop for hip mommies (how to take your camera off auto)
  • How to take better pics of your kids (using your “good” camera)
  • Editing, organizing, and ordering your images (using Photoshop or your favorite editing software) **this option is available online or in person

Of course, the ideal solution is to get the shot SOOC (straight of camera), but sometimes the flash doesn’t fire, and it’s underexposed:

before and after hermione

Sometimes you want to add some artistic flare:before and after florida

Sometimes the baby smiles when you aren’t quite ready:before and after newborn boy

Sometimes you haven’t framed it just like you’d want:before and after 4 year old

And sometimes the sun has gone down and you’re out of light:before and after saved beach pics

This last one was taken by my oh-so-handsome second shooter (but he works for me, so he gave me the copyright and permission to edit). ;)

If you’d love to know how to work that big fancy camera you have sitting in the closet or how to edit those special shots, let me know, and I’ll email you the info. Or, follow me on Instagram or Facebook to get the info when I send out the latest class spots.

If you only took pics on your cell phone (which is totally cool, too), I will bug you about saving them and eventually printing them. How much would your kids love a little book to re-cap their super fun summer you made happen? I can help you print those or send you in the right direction if you want to DIY.

Love, Andrea or 508.768.5808

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