Pearland, Texas, newborn goodness

First comes love, then comes marriage,

then comes a romantic picnic in the park,

and THEN comes the wee babe in the baby carriage.

And, OH. MY. GOODNESS. He is soooo squishy and snuggable. I love these newborn shoots, because I totally get my baby fix. I do sing and rock and do my shhh-shhh-shhhes, but then sometimes I leave the shoot thinking: Dang! I need a baby that I can just hold and cuddle for a while–all that was hard, sweaty work!

Attention friends, go ahead and get pregnant now, so I can cuddle your babies and then give them back when they cry. Thanks, dudes.

Doesn’t this make you want to reach out and stroke his little hair? newborn baby boy the woodlands photographer

Ah, my kids are all grown up. :) There is nothing in the world like expanding your team of two to a trio to make you feel like you’ve finally become an adult. The first time I felt like a real-life grown up was when I rented a car on a work trip before I was 25 (they gave me a pass because I was active duty). The second time I felt like a real-life grown up was not college/marriage/grad school/active duty/full-time teaching/business owner but when I was almost 31 and we brought our first baby home.
So, now I’m thinking I just became a grown up in my 30s, my middle-aged age is going to be closer to 60, right? That will explain the future convertible for my 60th birthday. new parents snuggle newbornnewborn on mom and daddy bednewborn straight into the cameranew mommy daddy snuggling bedspreadnew momma kissing baby boynew family of three snuggles

Ugh. You know the ones with Momma and Baby are my favorites. momma and baby big bed cuddles

Baby’s first antlers. newborn surrounded by antlers

If you take a look at their wedding pics, you might spy with your little eye something green….wedding tie newborn

Family, I think it goes without saying that I kind of love you guys. I am not exaggerating when I tell you I’m so very honored to experience all these moments with you. And, of course, I’m so proud of you, too. I hope you love these, and I hope you are over-the-moon in love with that dude. Congratulations!!

Love, Andrea


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2 Responses to Pearland, Texas, newborn goodness

  1. Kristi Brockman says:

    Loved this couple. How awesome to see them becoming a trio!

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