join our group of fabulous lady bosses {small business coaching}

Hey, friends! Have you joined my Facebook group for women with businesses yet? I talk a lot about how to help photographers, but we end up talking about topics that relate to business life in general. Join us here!andrea bacle coaching

I wanted to do a special post on here about doing free work for “exposure.” Here’s the link to a quick 5-minute video to help remind you that YOU ARE WORTH what you charge. Don’t undervalue and disrespect yourself. Remember, you show people all the time how to treat you. Teach them that you deserve RESPECT, my ladies!

If you are needing to hear this message, I hope you are really listening. If you need additional private coaching, I’d love to set up a time to have a discovery call to see how I can help you grow in your success.

You can use this link to book a spot on my calendar right away.




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