senior sesh in Lovelady, Tex

Have we talked about senior portraits before?

Ok, shhhh. I’m about to tell you a secret about the thing with me and seniors.

In real life? I love them. I used to teach high school math, I’m the second-in-command for Harvard’s college fairs for the greater Houston area, and I interview 8-10 seniors applying to Harvard every year. That’s my educational zone. I am so excited for kids about to graduate high school, headed out into the great big world.

In photography life? Kinda boring.

Yep, I said it. When it comes to taking pictures, seniors actually do what I ask them to do. Huh?? I LOVE the controlled chaos of toddlers acting like crazy (and fun) maniacs running around a beach and seeing amazed looks on kids’ faces when we find a frog or see the fish at The Waterway. I love the challenge of chasing them around and trying to get genuine smiles from them with my fake sneezes or knock-knock jokes.

I remember when I had one of my first official senior shoots, and I suggested she stand under the tree or sit on a rock, and she happily did it. Um, excuse me? My expectation was that she’d shriek and ask for bubbles.

So, all this is to say that I am very picky with the lovelies I agree to do senior portraits with. For all the ones I’ve shot, I’ve already had a previous relationship with them. Most have been clients that I’ve been shooting and they are finally old enough for senior portraits. I met this gorgeous young lady last summer when I taught her photography and Photoshop at UT for a week-long camp. She is a doll, and when she asked me to drive up to Lovelady to shoot her, I was sooo excited! If you know a teacher, you know there’s nothing more exciting than getting to see a former student she loved.

So, we had a blast. The sun was full up in the sky, but that’s what she wanted. She knows she has a sunny personality, and she wanted it really sunny.

window light senior portraits

Of course I saw this boat and asked if we could put it in the water. When she told me there were lots of snakes under it….”Uh, want to sit on top??”lovelady family land senior upside down boat

Oh, y’know–just driving around on a gator in your graduation gown.lovelady family land senior session

This tree is in front of their house, so I wanted to make sure she’d always be able to see it, even when she’s far from home. family setting lovely senior portraitsbook outside harry potter senior session

burnt wood orange ut senior portraits

ut senior portraits lovelady tx

Sweet girl, I’m so, so excited for you. I know you’ll love Austin and every minute of school. Thank you for asking me to take these for you. I really hope you had a great time, because I did!

Love, Andrea

Future clients, if we do schedule a senior session, be prepared for me to pepper you with gajillions of questions about what your plans are for school, work, life…and then we’ll take a few pics. :)

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