Rob Fleming, Creekside Park family shoot {The Woodlands family photographer}

There’s a blessing and a curse with traveling so much. The good parts are the food and the views and the culture and the hotels and condos and fancy outfits. The bad part is that it’s so easy to get behind on my blogging and previews and edits. Taking pics (the best part) is only about 10% of the job. The real work: uploading files, camera and gear prep, culling bajillions of images, blogging, posting to social media, and editing. Oh, and taxes. Bleh.

Sometimes the real issue becomes finding internet to upload everything back online.
The point of all this is that I’ve been trying to post this all week.

This was my last bluebonnet session of the season, and it’s a good example of how we can do a little bit of everything in one session if we plan for it. First, this gorgeous momma wanted pics with her three kiddos. I have to save those for the full gallery, though. :)

Next, a couple with bluebonnets.

This young man is a senior, so Momma wanted to get just a few “senior portrait” type shots for him. 

We scheduled the session for the golden hour, but the weather was a little all over the place. We had a hint of sunshine here and there, but the clouds kept coming back. The cool thing about shooting at sunset at Rob Fleming in Creekside is that you can get a little bit of sun peering through the pine trees. Sweet sisters laughing will always win over pretty sun, though.

bluebonnets creekside park

Finally, we ended with an updated headshot for this beautiful lady.

headshots creekside park

Thank you, sweet family, for a fun afternoon. I’m so glad we were able to get everything you wanted done in one shoot.

Now, please excuse my uptown-problem-whining from having no access to wi-fi, which forces me to use my phone rooftop poolside. Sah-weeeeet.

poolside work

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or



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