my faux senior portraits; Red Rock Canyon Part 1 {Las Vegas travel photographer}

  1. If you know me, I hope you know I always support small businesses I love. @welcometoroyalty
  2. I am a #fashionbloggerwannabe. I love fashion, and I have a very full closet with more outfits than I have places to wear them to (which is part of the reason why I am THAT mom wearing a skirt and wedges to the grocery store). So when the hubs and I were heading to Vegas for a work/play trip, I packed 87 1/2 outfits. First, I obviously couldn’t play craps in a roulette dress or wear my Bellagio pants to the Paris. So you see my dilemma and the need to schedule three wardrobe changes each day. Once I explain myself, it makes total sense, right?
  3. Next, I want my main man to be my second shooter at weddings and events when clients need one, so I made sure we scheduled time to head out to Red Rock Canyon for a photo shoot tutorial in full sun–basically the worst light to shoot in.

My secret? Underexpose slightly and embrace the light. Wear your favorite sunglasses and find some cool shadows and make sure your model is having fun! Yes, there were about 30 people watching us, which is kind of hilarious to me that we’d be that interesting when we were surrounded by such a crazy beautiful landscape.

But, I get it. A woman posing for her senior pics when she’s really closer to being a senior citizen probably is entertaining. #smoothforeheadsareboring
How fun is this skirt?? I love it. I originally bought it to wear to the Mommy/Son dance at our school but ultimately switched to this dress. But, this skirt is far too fabulous not to have its own photoshoot, so I flew it halfway across the country for pictures. If you want one for yourself, here’s the link to the Welcome to Royalty Etsy shop.

Ready for your own “senior” shoot, ladies? Call me.

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or


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2 Responses to my faux senior portraits; Red Rock Canyon Part 1 {Las Vegas travel photographer}

  1. I love it! Age is just a number! Have fun and enjoy life!

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