Conroe, TX wedding photographer {destination wedding photog}

What did you do over this Spring Break? This travel junkie was living it up…all the way in Conroe, Texas. What do you mean you’ve never heard of this bustling metropolis? It’s the new Spring Break destination!

Ok, I kid. But when one of your best gals (and her new husband you love) asks you to shoot her wedding and haul your cookies all the way to Conroe, you do it without hesitation. And, ok–I’m just being a jerk–I did manage to sneak in trips to Brenham/Independence, Galveston, and Las Vegas over the rest of the week, so I think I’ll stop whining about my uptown problems.

Side note: the venue was gorgeous. I had no idea this little picturesque, perfect wedding venue even existed in Conroe. If you’re wedding shopping, check out The Gardens at Madeley Manor. It’s darling. They have thought about every last detail.

And back to the main point? I HAD to be their wedding photographer. I was at her party where they first met, he got my opinion on 50% of the jewelry he’s gotten her, I watched them give googly eyes at each other when he was the speaker at the Rockwell Trading Conference (yeah, he’s kind of a big deal),

blog post rockwell trading the woodlands

and then in Vegas (where they officially fell in love), I was their little personal paparazzo. I’ve essentially documented their whirlwind courtship during all of our work trips. You like how I make this about myself? :)

blog post love story conroe wedding photographer


Ok, get ready for the gushing. I love this chick so much. We met when our big kids were just 9 months old, and we’ve all grown up together. I can’t ever explain how happy I am for her now that she’s found head-over-heels-love-you-to-the-moon-and-back love. Do you remember all the way back to when I did some shots for her when she was a finalist for The Woodlands Idol? Yeah, she’s definitely kind of a big deal.

blog conroe mansion wedding

Sheesh. There are too many pics in this gallery that I could say are my favorites. But, I have to mention the flowers. Over the course of their courtship, Groom sent Bride flowers every week from the same florist, and so they had that florist make their wedding flowers. I mean, c’mon. How cool would it be to be that florist to watch (and sort of participate in) their courtship and then create the wedding bouquet??

blog conroe wedding bridal bouquets

I also have to mention the shoes, because I will never forget going to her house and seeing the stars in her eyes when she told me about the first magical weekend they had together in Arizona, ending with a fabulous pair of Choos. Oh, and the ring is pretty okay, too. blog conroe wedding choos

blog flower girl bouquet conroeOk, so normally, my favorite-favorite wedding pics are kissy ones near the altar. But, I think this might be my winner. After the ceremony, they had a lovely, intimate reception/dinner at Tommy Bahamas at Market Street. I was on the other side of the room, and I noticed they finally had a chance to sneak off and have a little moment together. They took a little selfie to announce to the social media world, and the light was frickin’ amazing, and I caught them toasting–I’m not sure. Their love? They did it? Their happiness? All of the above? I love when I can sneak a moment. This is what happiness looks like, people. blog tommy bahamas wedding reception

And then, after the drinks were done and the kids were off to the grandparents’ house, I asked if they would be willing to come have a “first dance” at The Waterway. People were everywhere, the lights were gorgeous, it was chilly, and we were all feeling frisky and happy. They were so obviously in love, I couldn’t even handle it. I can’t express my gratitude enough about how honored I am to share such a special moment with you two. I wish you love and love and more love. Congratulations on being the second cutest couple ever.

blog waterway wedding

Love, Andrea

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