Valentine’s Day sesh {The Woodlands, TX}

So, what are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? When I was a kid, it was definitely my favorite holiday. Through fourth grade, I would make a handmade valentine for each person in my class. And then fifth grade came, and all of a sudden people thought it was weird to write “Will you be mine?” to 25 people. Whatevs. I love everybody.

Fast forward to when Valentine’s Day matters again: dating in high school. My husband and I started dating on Jan 31st our junior year, so we bought our first and last valentine’s gifts to each other 2 weeks after we started dating.

And we got each other the exact same gift: a Madonna CD. I think that was the first time we both knew this thing would last.

Since then, we celebrate our dating anniversary, and we have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. As much as I LOVE love and celebrating love and hearts and pink and red, it’s too commercial for me, which is basically the same issue I have with Christmas. I’d like to make a three-layer cake for Baby Jesus, sing “Happy Birthday,” and end it.

Back to my point. Now that I have kiddos and they are in school and have to bring valentines to their classes? I love Valentine’s Day again! I love to help my kiddos get all of their little envelopes and lists of classmates together.


I also love doing an annual Valentine’s Day shoot with the kids. Remember the ones from last year?

valentines-day-2016They have been bugging about doing another shoot with feathers after we had so much fun after last year’s New Year’s shoot,

andrea bacle temp header 2016


so I figured we’d go a little crazy with feathers, rainbow suckers, a hand-painted LOVE sign, and Winston’s noise machine (our new favorite family joke). Check out a little behind-the-scenes video from Brockstar videos here:


Daddy was cracking them up for me. kids-togetherbirdie-sucker


Here’s the one Birdie chose for her class valentine. b-valelntine-back

Finally, the aftermath of all that fun: blog-post-valentines-mini-sesh

If you’ve found your way to this post, it’s a little late for 2017 valentines since it is Valentine’s Day, but if it’s 2018, and you’re looking for a session for your kiddos/family, give me a shout.

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or

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