Instagram account manager {The Woodlands, TX}

Hey, friends! Are you on Instagram? I’ve got a business/personal account for myself HERE, if you’re interested. But, I really want to tell you about a service I’m offering now. I am running Instagram accounts for clients–most people just want pictures, but I can run the entire account LIKE THIS ONE for my lovely friend Camille of Camille’s in Old Town Spring, if you’d like. Hit me up if you want to chat about pricing options. camilles-abp-blog-post3

Sample posts and pics:camilles-abp-blog-post4




Bonus for me in running Miss Camille’s account? I get to pretend to be a model and dress up in vintage clothes. Or just end up buying everything for myself. :)camilles-ig

It could be my bias, but I think this IG feed is so pretty! If you want to check out Miss Camille’s store in person, she’s in Old Town Spring in Spring, Texas. It’s a charming little shopping community. And chances are, the kids and I will be there walking around. camilles-instagram-screen-shot

Do you have a small business and want to get on Instagram? Do you need help with pictures or posts? Give me a shout. 508.768.5808 or

And good luck out there, my dear small business owners. I’m out there hustling with ya.

Love, Andrea

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