headshots (and other nonsense) by ABP {The Woodlands, TX, photographer}

Hey, hey! What you are lovelies up to? I’m all over the place over here. Here’s my sitch (and clearly I need a life coach, so feel free to call and just go ahead and tell me what to do):

Now that my youngest is in school, I’m out of mom mode from 7am-3pm and am just plain, old Andrea again (except when I get the fever/vomiting/poopy pants calls from the lovely school nurse, of course). It took me the first three months of the kids being in school, but I’m finally caught up on sleep from the last 8 years, so now I’ve got that old, “Ok, now what?” kind of itch.

As much as I love this pretty fantastic photo gig I’ve set up for myself (and I’ll continue to do it), it’s not necessarily my passion.

My photography business been my career pause, if you will, so I could raise these babies.

Education is my passion. I am a school nerd to the core. So, it’s either go back to grad school for my next degree or join a gym. If you know me, it has to be Option 1, because I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to wrap my head around the idea of paying money to do something I really, really, REALLY can’t stand. I blame the Air Force.

So, since I’m shopping for grad school programs and in super-duper professional mode, I thought I’d do a quick post about headshots, because I get asked to do them fairly often. And once I wrote the following, I was WAY below my necessary word count, so that’s why you got to hear all of the above gibberish. Because, really. How does one talk about headshots for 300 words?

Yes, I will definitely shoot them.

And yes, I will shoot them on a plain gray/black/white background if that’s what you want.

BUT, those really aren’t my style, and I will always try to convince you to make your headshots a little more personal and modern. It really depends on your audience and what you’ll be using the images for. I have several shots that I use right now between my Google account, LinkedIn (which is currently a gray background, but I want to support my lovely friend Stefanie Frazelle Photography), Facebook business page, and Instagram. I’m not suggesting you need four completely different images, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to look at your current pictures with a critical eye and determine if they represent what you’re going for.

Here are just a few examples of some of my favorite headshots I’ve done recently:
the woodlands tx headshots the woodlands tx headshots the woodlands tx headshots the woodlands tx headshots the woodlands tx headshots the woodlands tx headshots

Here’s a good example to help you see different lighting and wardrobe and glasses on and off of the same lovely lady. the woodlands headshots

If you’d like to shoot a new picture, give me a shout. And if you want to talk grad schools, I believe I’ll be available from 7am-3pm for the next 13 years.

PS, If we do a family session, and you need a new headshot, please remind me. I’ll be happy to shoot one and include it in your gallery. If you want lots of options, let’s set up a time for a separate headshots sesh.

Love, Andrea

508.768.5808 or andrea.bacle@gmail.com

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