#goals: Vegas style

Hey, party people! It’s 2017. Did you make a resolution? I always do every year; it usually ends up being less of a resolution and more of a list of goals, personal and professional. Last year, my primary goal for my business was to book as many travel gigs as possible. I think I was pretty successful: Florida, Maine, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin and Galveston and everywhere in Texas in between. And, of course, Vegas baby. Speaking of Vegas, do you remember my Las Vegas trip from 2015? Since I have a second to catch my breath before the next round of sessions will start, I figured I’d go back and post some travel pics.

On the way. Flying to Vegas is the best for views.travel vacay photographer

The last time I went, the trip was such a whirlwind, I didn’t even get to walk on the strip or do any shopping or even gamble. All remedied this time. :) If you’ve been to the Bellagio, you’ll recognize this. travel bellagio photographer

Ok, time to finally work. We stayed in Nobu in Caesar’s Palace.caesars palace photographer

First, corporate luncheon: corporate luncheon photographer

Next, party time!corporate party photographer

The best part of this Vegas shoot for Westmark every year is that it’s a fancy party, so I get to wear a fancy party dress while working. Bonus? I don’t have to chase any toddlers, so I can even wear heels. Heaven. working-gal-vegas

This lovely lady was doing performance art during the course of the party. I would have done that part as well, but my chiropractor suggested I don’t ever attempt to bend that way. Ok, fine.caesars palace rain man suite

We were back in the Rain Man Suite again this year–it’s really where they filmed the movie. Pretty cool, huh? rain man suite corporate party las vegas

The fun is over; back to reality. You want yet another example of my true nerdiness? I booked my flight and window seat in order to shoot the sunset from the plane on the way home. But wouldn’t you know it? We took off 20 minutes late, and I missed it. Dang. But, I kind of like how you can see the reflection of the slot machines in the airport. It’s so Vegas-y, right?outbound flights from vegas

If you are in Vegas and have found your way to this blog, I’ll be there again in March, if you’d like to set up a session. I should have time for two additional sessions. Give me a shout!

Love, Andrea                  508.768.5808 or andrea.bacle@gmail.com

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