#pictureswithTiffany {The Woodlands, TX, event photographer}

Oh, me. Oh, my. Where do I begin with the gushing about THIS shoot??

Here’s the sequence of events:

I received an invite to a VIP event at our local Tiffany and Co. store at Market Street in The Woodlands.

I know. I can hear you through your phones and computers. How did YOU get an invite to a VIP event at Tiffany and Co.?

Watch it.

Remember two-ish years ago when I was lucky enough to get the ultra-princess treatment from my man for our 15-year wedding anniversary? (It helped that one of my most fabulous clients ever worked there, but I like to pretend that we were extra special.)



We somehow managed to not get expunged from the contact list, and I received an invite to a cookies-and-cocoa-for-kids with fancy-shopping-for-mommy-and-daddy event. I quickly contacted my lovely ladies there and asked if they’d be interested in hiring a photographer for the event. Fast forward to a meeting in some sassy Tiffany blue Stuart Weitzman heels (because my nerdiness extends into my fashion) and then to the day of the event.


We decided I’d use my two in-house models for the event, because we’re hoping this could become an annual tradition, and we thought we’d see what the interest was in having pictures done there. Since we threw my part of it in last minute, I didn’t bring any image release forms for the other customers (PS, if you’ve found your way to this post and you want those pics, please contact me), so these are of my two monkeys. Uh, clearly they chose the wrong mother if they wanted a I-don’t-give-my-permission-to-use-my-image-anywhere lifestyle.

Forget #pictureswithSanta. I’m hoping to make #pictureswithTiffany a thing!kids-at-tiffany

Okay. Just stop. Seriously, Tiffany box petit fours and cookies?! If I can track down the vendor and creator of these tiny treasures, I’ll update this post to give you the contact info.  petit-fours-ig

Next, who knew Tiffany and Co. had so many branded items? Paper cups. Crayons. Greeting cards. One of each, please!tiffany02tiffany03tiffany04tiffany05tiffany06tiffany08tiffany09tiffany10

If you couldn’t guess already, my daughter’s room is Tiffany Blue. She’s been in love with T&Co for a while. I had to make a “mom” sign for this pic, because I didn’t want it to appear as though she’s getting Tiffany already.

She’s 7, people.

She has to wait until double digits, at least. tiffany11tiffany12tiffany13Oh, how I love our little community. What a fun and memorable event!!tiffany14

Lovely Tiffany ladies, thank you for such a fun afternoon. I hope I’ll see you next year! And if not for pictures, my 22-year dating anniversary is in a month. That deserves something new, right??

If you’re interested in getting on the list to have #pictureswithTiffany next Christmas, please let me know. I’m going to compile all of the feedback and provide it to them to see if we might be able to do it again.

Love, Andrea

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