laughs and love and a wagon in Houston {family lifestyle photographer}

People! In case you’ve forgotten, it’s almost December. Ack. I keep forgetting, probably because it’s still 78 degrees and we’re eating dinner outside every night. What are your plans for the last month of the year? I’m dying to have my kiddos back home and out of school. Despite just a little drama (he’s doing better, btw), we just came off of the most fun and relaxing Thanksgiving ever, and Monday morning was a smack in the face for all of us. We’ve been talking to the kids a lot about family traditions, and the one I’m looking forward to the most in December is going to The Nutcracker with my sweet baby girl. I think this will be our fourth year in a row. Do you have any fun traditions you love and that I should copy?? :)

Oh, yeah. Back to business.

So, I know I’ve probably said it many times before, but the best part of my job is getting to watch the kiddos grow up over the years. Do you remember this little peanut from his baptism or his 6-month milestone shoot? I swear he was just a baby yesterday. And now, look. He’s a real boy! It’s the jeans, I think. There’s something about putting a toddler in jeans that makes him look all grown up and ready to head out into the world.

Is there anything better than baby giggles? Um, nope. Hmm, what’s your idea of an idyllic childhood? Is it watching Momma crack you up whilst blowing bubbles and sitting in your wagon? Sounds awesome to me!blog-post-radio-flyer-toddler-bubblesblog-post-radio-flyer-toddler-bubbles2

Have you tried deep matte prints lately? Those are my new favorites. This pic would be so gorgeous in a matte print with these warm colors. Uh, and of course this gorgeous momma. I just don’t think a woman gets any prettier than when she’s this happy.  blog-post-toddler-flying-with-momma

As you can imagine, I look at babies and their parents’ faces all day long when I’m editing a session. I love it when a baby looks like his momma, of course. But this one stopped me in my tracks. I mean–it’s like a little mirror is sitting in front of Daddy. And they way he has his little hand on his chest? Ugh. Precious. toddler-looks-just-like-daddy

Sweet family, it was wonderful to see you three+puppy, as always. I can’t believe your little W is so big already. I hope you have such a fabulous, fun Christmas with him!

Love, Andrea

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