City slicker heads to Riverside Ranch {TX ranch photographer}

So, the family of my next preview is super fun and always has great and adventurous Christmas card pics. When they called this year, I thought I’d see if I could talk them into this spot that I’ve been dying to shoot a client at, because they are always up for fun. Everyone agreed and we were scheduled. However, my sweet boy had his dog bite the night before and came home in the middle of the night, and I had to cancel our travel plans to Galveston and San Antonio.

This is the spot I wanted to take them. I only advertise in their preview, because 1. Maybe we can try again next year?? and 2. Maybe I can convince someone else to do a shoot there, too.

Wait. Cancel that. I totally forgot. We have big plans in June. Perhaps we’ll get your Christmas card shot then…:)blog-post-daddy-and-kiddos-john-oquinn-estuarial-corridorShot by my hubby for me:momma-and-kiddos-sunset

So, we were able to reschedule but couldn’t think of a cool location that worked with our schedules. Well, wouldn’t you know it? They just happen to have a family ranch in Riverside (outside of Huntsville). Perfect! And talk about having a blast on a photshoot!! In a week’s time, I went from my Tina Turner Vegas dress to avoiding cow pies and riding in one of those fancy Ranger thingamabobbers all over their acres and acres of gorgeous Texas ranch land at sunset. (My husband tells me this is the correct name. I don’t know. They were called 4-wheelers back in my day). So stinkin’ fun, y’all. <–see what I did there? It totally got me in the Texas spirit. I even wore my cowgirl boots the next three days. {nerd alert}

So, next issue. As I was driving up for the shoot, I hit a major traffic jam because all of The Woodlands was bugging out for Thanksgiving family plans, and I called them in a panic. I was so worried I’d get there too late for good light. I got there late, and we definitely started much later than I’d planned, but we ended up with some gorgeous light and locations, thanks to all of their location scouting.

A boy with a stick on a ranch at sunset. Perfection. a-young-rancher-huntsville-tx

It’s often tricky to shoot after sunset. But, as long as you have a lot of open space (like at the beach, too), you can get some gorgeous colors in the sky that you’d normally never get. What a sweetheart model! blog-post-after-sunset-rancher-girlOh, Did I forget to mention our special guests?? What’s funny is that there are so many pics of the kids and family on this cool rock, and you’d never know there were 20-ish cows all around us and mooing the whole time. I’m telling you, this shoot had everything! Plus, I didn’t realize how much of a city slicker (read: wuss) I am. I’m not embarrassed to say I scurried away from a few cows, and I may have freaked a little when they were running after us safari style. blog-post-cows-and-sunset-on-the-ranchAnd, icing on the cake? Their new sweet puppy with the most perfect name ever came along for the ride. blog-post-little-puppy-new-rancher

Just a boy on his farm. Is this the ideal childhood, or what? blog-post-boy-on-the-farm-pink-sunset-sky blog-post-family-on-the-farm family-sesh-blog-post-boy-on-the-farm

I’m thinking I’m going to have to reserve your farm for my own family shoot. Fingers crossed for another gorgeous sunset!blog-post-family-on-the-farm-huntsville-tx

Sweet family, you guys are troopers. I can’t thank you enough for your patience and flexibility. I think it worked out just right. :)

Love, Andrea

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