little sis and big bro–sibling love {Houston lifestyle photographer}

I never knew how much a sibling could love the older brother or sister, until my second kiddo came along. He WORSHIPS his big sister. Nine times out of ten, when we ask him what he wants/would like to do/what to eat/etc, he’ll say, “Whatever Birdie wants.” Seriously. She could tell him to put on her dress and heels and he’d do it.

We have those pictures, of course.

I have to keep Big Sister in check, because I want to make sure the day doesn’t come along when she gets sick of him and tells him to “go play in traffic.” Not only would he do it without hesitation, but he’d scream at her from the street: “Birdie! Is this how you want me to play in traffic??” to make sure he’s doing it correctly for her approval.

I have these two pictures hanging up in our hallway outside of our master bedroom, and I pass them 87 times a day. I can see them when I’m lying in bed, and I look at them ALL THE TIME. Five years later, this is still an accurate depiction of their love.


He wasn’t even 6 months old yet but already so enamored with her.little-birdie-and-winston2

So, on to my fabulous clients. These are the reasons why I love my job so much. I mean, how much do you love Big Brother so carefully putting on her shoe (which he was laughing at and couldn’t believe how hard it was to do–adorable) and then how she’s looking up at her big brother in awe??

This little side-eye smile? The best. blog-baby-sister-side-eye-big-brother

By the way, Big Brother is my new assistant. Don’t be surprised if you see him on all future shoots. He was the champion at making this baby girl smile. blog-post-baby-sister-big-brother-bright-sun-laughing

This little peanut just turned one, so we got some pics of her in her birthday dress and party hat, too.


Momma, I have a shoot in Galveston this weekend, so I’ll just drop by the house to pick up my new assistant on the way down. :) I’ll have all these ready soon.

Love, Andrea

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