Burroughs Park family fun {Tomball TX photographer}

Oh, me, oh, my. It has been a week, people. I had just come back from shooting a couple of corporate events in Las Vegas last week (remember when I went last year?) and was just sitting down in front of my computer with a cup of coffee ready to knock out some work, when I got the call. My poor, poor sweet son was bitten in the face by my in-laws’ dog when they were in Louisiana visiting and had to rush to the ER. Fortunately, he is going to be just fine. Lots of glue, but no stitches, so the scarring should be minimal. However, he just wanted his Momma, so Daddy and kids came home in the middle of the night, and I had to reschedule shoots and all of our Thanksgiving plans. Fortunately, I have the best clients in the world and they are so understanding and accommodating and have given me extra time to get their pics to them. We ended up having a great Thanksgiving with our family of four and spent a super fun and relaxing week together Christmas decorating and eating and laughing–the first time in 5 years (I usually work while the kids are in LA).

Anyway, I want to give a super big thank you for one of my most favorite families for being patient with me. I’m sure you remember these cuties. Remember their mosquito-infested session from last year? A lot less running in terror this year. The crazy beautiful momma of this boy has been getting better with her camera skills–the swing-shot is always one I recommend starting with. It’s great practice with shooting a moving target, and you generally get great smiles. blog-post-swing-set-pictures-burroughs-park

This lovely, most-photogenic, young lady is THE sweetest girl ever. I’ve done my share of gushing over her through the yearsblog-post-three-siblings-burroughs-park

And, oh my goodness. Sometimes it is hard to get genuine smiles from kiddos. Not this one. Can you imagine a sweeter expression??preschooler-burroughs-park

Lovely family, thank you so much for a fun afternoon at Burroughs Park. Thank you for being patient with this preview. I’ll have them all ready this week.

Love, Andrea


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