Burroughs Park October sun {Tomball, TX, family of five photographer}

We’re into November, peeps. 2016 is almost over. Yikes. Have you accomplished all of the goals you set for yourself this year? I have a feeling I’m going to be a busy girl the last week of December finalizing all of the plans I had for my little blog/website for this year. One of my big projects I had planned for this year was mentoring. I have certainly done lots of it throughout the year, but I’m ready to broaden my reach and advertise my mentoring plans for all moms of small businesses. I’ll put a tab with all of the info by the end of December (probably midnight on the 31st…also known as New Year’s Eve) up at the top of the page.

Until then, let me comment on this lovely family of five. Oh, this sun flare. I’m in love. Burroughs Park in October and November is the best. It’s usually still pretty warm, but the light has a lovely, warm, fall-ish and cozy feel. This was a cool spot, because it’s usually completely covered in water, so it was fun to have them sit on this log.  blog-post-burroughs-park-family-session-sun-flare I love a little twirling at pre-dusk. Lace and bows and boots and sun flare. So fun. blog-post-burroughs-park-family-session-twirl-in-sun-flare These dimples? Are you kidding?? Love, love, love. blog-post-burroughs-park-family-sessionI would say that these two brothers were adorable, but I don’t think they would appreciate it. Throughout the shoot, they were having this philosophical conversation. I was super intrigued and impressed that they were having such a passionate dialogue. Turns out, it was a serious game of 20 questions. I told them I was going to make one sit on the other’s lap if I didn’t get some real laughs out of them. Guys, I know it’s no fun to pose for pictures, but thank you for doing it for your sweet parents. They will love these forever.

Family, I’ll have the rest ready for you soon. Thanks for a fun afternoon!

Love, Andrea

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