how to use that beautiful window light {Houston family home photographer}

The sweet momma of this bunch was so patient with me as we did our best to finally find a date to schedule a shoot. Between my crazy it’s-the-last-quarter-of-the-year-Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-card rush schedule and the schedules of all my clients who all have kids and families in lots of activities and school and vacations and then it rains and–sheesh–it’s tricky sometimes. But, they were patient and waited and, poof, I had a cancellation, and I called them up.

First, when you schedule a shoot to get the perfect light outside, it’s often fairly dark when you head inside. The secret from me to you? Find a window in a light room and have your subject look out and then turn his or her eyes to you. You’ll be able to get a lovely effect without having to use your flash.

Next, I have to talk about this beauty. She’s on the verge of becoming a teenager and couldn’t have been more gracious and lovely, inside and out. I’m imagining (fingers-crossed hoping) this is what my sweet girl will be like when she’s a pre-teen and we still like each other.  blog-post-three-siblings-autumn-lifestyle This little guy was quite the character. I asked him to make silly faces for me outside as we were getting started. He did not have a problem with the request. But he was totally cool and came back to attention when Momma came outside and avoided getting me in trouble. blog-post-using-window-light These freckles. I’m dying. blog-post-youngest-brother-of-three-siblings

Sweet family, thanks for being patient and waiting on me! I’ll have the rest ready soon, and I’ll be there to help plan the perfect Christmas card for you–puppies included. :)

Love, Andrea

Friends interested in a shoot: if you want to get on my somebody-just-cancelled-and-I-have-a-last-minute-slot-open call list, give me a shout, and I’ll get you set up. Cheers!

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